Himachal deserves priority in disaster management: Virbhadra


Himachal deserves priority in disaster management VirbhadraShimla: Himachal Pradesh should get preference in the union budget for disaster management, organic farming and tourism development, Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh said.

“The budget is disappointing as the government has failed to show how it would strengthen the Indian economy,” the chief minister said in a statement.

Moreover, he said, the budget is silent on steps to check price rise.

The chief minister said the target of reducing the fiscal deficit of 4.1 percent has now increased to 4.5 percent, which would mean more borrowings resulting in further increase in prices.

He said the increase in the income tax slab was marginal which would not give required relief to the tax-payers.

But the chief minister welcomed the announcement of Indian Institute of Management (IIM) for the state.

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