Hizbul desperate, releases another threat video


Srinagar, September 02: Members of the militant group Hizbul Mujahideen have been releasing videos on to the social media and messaging applications almost weekly eversince the recruitment for Special Police officers was announced. This is the third video released by Hizbul Mujahideen since the recruitment was first announced, however, it is pertinent to mention that the recruitment was applied for by over 9900 youth from the valley.

As has been standard in most of the videos in the last few months, the militants have begun with religious quotes and have appealed to all in Kashmir that if they follow Allah, they shall find help from Allah. The militants extolled those protesting in the valley against India.

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The Hizbul militant who can be seen reading from a paper threatens saying anyone who works against the ‘community’ or joins hands with Indian government, would be responsible for their lives.

The militant further appeals to only members of ‘community’ working with the government to apologize to the members of community and stand with them in their fight. He also announces that those who do not fall in line should be ready to face the ‘consequences’.

“No one from among their relatives and friends should later complain that Hizbul Mujahideen took extreme steps with them,” threatened the militant in the video that is over eight minutes long.

Further appealing to the family members of those working in Jammu and Kashmir police the militant says, “Members of families of those working in the police should impart some sense into their minds to stop them from continuing their duties.”

The militant audaciously claims that it is not a law and order problem but a movement for ‘freedom’.

In the video the militant also advises the youth living in different colonies to keep a watch on security forces movement so as to thwart their activity.

The militant also advised Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti to not “shed fake tears at the directions of her Indian bosses” and to not “misguide those in India about the situation in Kashmir.”

The militant also asks to socially boycott any officer in the administration who is responsible for the functioning of the government.

You can watch the rest in the video here