Hizbul Mujahideen releases new video with bizarre claims

Srinagar, August 30: U4UVoice’s source from Srinagar said, “These days videos from militants have started coming as if pirated CDs from Pakistan used to come.”

Hizbul Mujahideen has again released a video threatening cops and locals loud and clear to being a part of the Indian government.

It is pertinent to mention here that Hizbul Militant Zakir Musa had released a  video recently warning the youth of Kashmir valley not to appear for the recruitment process of the Special Police officer (SPO). Musa had threatened further in the video saying whosoever becomes a part of the SPO recruitment would be responsible for their own deaths. Even after that over 9,000 people from the Kashmir Division alone had applied for the posts of SPO.

In this video as well, a Hizbul Militant (in Pic) has warned the citizens of Kashmir to desist from recruitment of Special police officers calling it a trap of the Indian Government.

The militant starts with saying that there is no need to feel bad for Burhan Wani’s death and that everyone should instead hope for such a death. “His death has shown that we are not terrorists, we are Mujahideen.”

The militant claimed that India wants to suppress their voice and that is why there is an Internet Ban and the curfew that was put in force. He also said that each child in Kashmir is Burhan Wani and that India cannot suppress their voice forever.

“We know we will die, but we will destroy India with our death,” says the militant in the video that stretches for 10:43 minutes.

The militant goes on to claim that former Governor Jagmohan was responsible for the migration of Kashmiri Pandits. The militiant makes a belligerent claim that Jagmohan wanted to kill all the Muslims in Kashmir and give Kashmir to the Kashmiri Pandits but that plan could never materialise.

He then warns the youth to stay away from SPO recruitment or else they would be responsible for the safety of their lives.

Finally the militant warns police to stay in their homes and stay away from duties and those who engage in their line of duty are only to blame for their deaths.

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