Hizbul’s ‘WARNING’ Posters appear in Pulwama, Kashmir


Hizbul posters appealing Kashmiris to boycott elections appear in valley

Srinagar — Reportedly, posters have appeared yesterday (15 March 2017) issued by militant group Hizbul Mujahideen. In a long message directed to the Kashmiris, HM attempts to educate people and pleads them to not participate in the upcoming elections that are to be held in April.

HM states that the government has an ulterior motive to disunite Kashmiris by luring them with jobs in CRPF and other security forces. It also warns people of grave consequences who assist police forces, appeals them to confess and state their involvement publicly to avoid punishment. The message reminds people of the sacrifices of their brothers in the 2016 violent uprising and before. It adds that in a tribute to the Kashmiris who have lost lives in clashes with Indian forces, people must not participate in the electoral process.