Holy Ramadan commences in Kashmir, price of essential commodities skyrockets

ramadanAs the holy month of Ramadan commences in Kashmir the markets wore a different look.

The food stalls and vendors have put up huge layers of dates – from different places with distinct variety. Imported confectionery items have been decorated in a manner to woo the customers.

The streets remained busy with shoppers and during evening hours the markets were crowded.

In addition to chicken, mutton and vegetables — the prices of other things have also gone up.

“Bread, confectionery items, dates – everything has become expensive suddenly,” Ahmad adds.

“There is huge difference between the rates at which things were sold last year and this year,” Hussain adds.

The government however, has said that they will be keeping a check on the market to regulate the prices during this month but on the ground the situation is quite the opposite.

Lubna Reshi

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