Honorarium for Jammu migrants to be increased Six Times


New Delhi, November 19: As a very good news for the migrants of Jammu and Kashmir, the Union Government has decided to increase the honorarium for the migrants of the hilly regions of Jammu and has approved more state government jobs and transit accommodations in the Kashmir Valley for the rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandit migrants.

The decision of this major relief for the migrants was taken during a meeting of the Union Cabinet in New Delhi on Wednesday. The meeting was convened by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Other than Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office, Dr. Jitendra Singh, Coal and Power Minister Piyush Goyal was also present in the meeting.

Dr. Jitendra Singh told media that the honorarium paid to the migrants of the hilly regions of Jammu would now be at par with that being paid to the Kashmiri Pandit migrants. It would be a six-fold jump over the Rs 400 per person being paid now.

He added that the an expenditure of Rs 2,000 crore has been estimated by central government in a bid to rehabilitate Kashmir Pandit migrants in the valley by providing state government jobs and transit accommodations  to them.

The new proposal states that the migrants of the hilly region of Jammu will now be paid Rs 2,500 per head per month (with a maximum of Rs 10,000 per family per month) plus relief for ration and fodder which is at par with what the Kashmiri migrants are being paid.  The expenditure incurred by the state government in this regard would now be compensated by the Central Government.

There are around 1,054 registered Jammu migrant families and they being paid a cash relief of Rs 400 per head per month (with a maximum of Rs 1,600 per family per month), Rs 300 per cattle per month for purchase of fodder, plus dry ration (9-kg atta, 2-kg rice per person per month and 10 litres of kerosene per family per month) by the state government.

Also, the union government will provide an additional 3,000 state government jobs for the Kashmiri Pandit migrants in the Kashmir Valley. And to state government jobs have been provided or will be provided, the centre will construct transit accommodation in the Kashmir valley.

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