Hope Indians support ‘Creature 3D’ for indigenous technology: Bipasha

Mumbai Music launch of film Creature 3D (4)Kolkata: Describing as a “very tough experience” the shooting of her forthcoming film “Creature 3D” which brings to Indian audiences a fresh genre of cinema, Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu Tuesday hoped Indian viewers will appreciate the work of indigenous technicians.

The movie, slated to release Sep 12, is a creature-based thriller directed by Vikram Bhatt.

In the film, Bipasha’s character Ahaana battles a creature, based on Indian mythology, as she transforms from a “vulnerable and lonely” girl to a powerful woman.

“I will not compare the film as a whole, with the West, because the sensibilities are very different. The story line is India-centric but just the creature is very much like the West,” she said.

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