A hopeless venture of an endless sorrow: Jammu Diaries


By Amaya

Pictures by Sandeep

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The media is busy narrating everywhere-the account of the most recent epidemic in the paradise of our nation. The television channels are flooding some with the news, some with the salutations to the saviours and some with numerous offerings by various states for the victims. But the ones who have encountered these days geting swayed along with the rushing rage of water have more to tell beyond their damaged conditions.It is not just a home that they have lost,its their whole past,faded in a moment unexpectedly and suddenly. One such tale is of a victim of the ruined state-a family of three-Javed Ahmad,his wife Fatima and their daughter Yasmin.



This disrouted village Aasra Awaad was cornered by the government as well as any rescue operation done by the rest of the departments. In a moment of anger poured down from the sky left them without a home and without a hope. Yasmin was to get married next month but the joyous time of celebrations took no time to turn into a lifetime agony for the family.The preparations were washed away and so were yasmin’s dreams. The nuptial bells were turned into cries overnight mercilessly.Time can not be turned back and such mournful tales will keep haunting the victims for the rest of their lives. Many lost their homes,many lost their families,many lost their place and many lost their memories. The dreams and future of the people have taken a distant route now,too remote and unapproachable for them.


The valley is heaving a breath of tears and despair with no roof over their head. They have lost touch with the world, spending the nights stuck on the roofs with no food and no water they have met death right in front of their sight. A week of rains has twisted their life in a tale of plight which is skipped in a breath of silence cry-which might take too long to end. People saw their familes getting dispersed, kids dying-some of sorrow and some of hunger. The condolences are still not enough to heal these wounds. They will get food,they will get money,they will get a home too but not what they have had so far weaved with sweat blood.


They saw their past and their future getting dissolved in the breaching present which spared no corner untouched of their life and crashed everything with a ruthless affliction. Families are getting scattered seeing the world with a bleached faith and this tragedy has left them without words, their eyes telling the pain of demise they have encountered. The hope is dying and the uncertainity climbing higher by every hour-whether they will be able to make it back on the same path or would have to proceed with a forgotten yesterday. The homes have vanished and the memories are stained forever. This catastrophe is raising humanity but some are yet untouched with any relief. Lives have changed within a week-who knew nature could play such a havoc when they were busy being happy unaware of such a massive jolt which would leave them without a word, without a past!