Horoscope For 06 September 2015

If You Were Born Today, September 06 :

You are a true artist at heart, with an unusual perspective on life. You rarely feel understood, although this may be because you keep a veil of mystery about you. You need to feel connected to something higher than yourself, to understand the meaning of your existence, and to make a solid contribution to the world. You may find that you’re often longing or yearning for something more. Your imagination is tremendous, and you can be a fanciful story teller.

aries ARIES: With the Moon in Taurus, today you may find yourself completely involved in a family function in which you will enjoy the planning as much as the actual day. This experience will bring a lot of joy to you and your family and will make you all feel close with each other. You will be busy with the festivities for many hours, so make sure you do not overtire yourself. 4.35 pm to 5.35 pm will be lucky for you. Wearing dark red will enhance your luck.
TAURUS: After some turbulence, your life is slowly getting back on an even keel, all thanks to the positive influences of the Moon in Taurus. Close friends will be helpful today and will keep you in good spirits. Taurus, you have worked hard on your relationships and just need to keep them going in the right way. All your efforts towards engaging in open communication and affection have borne fruit! Today is a great day to recharge, rejoice and rejuvenate your mind and body while you have your best friends around. Enjoy the good times. taurus
gemini GEMINI: The Moon in Taurus allows you to be a little laid back. Gemini, it is all right not to be on your toes all the time. Perhaps, you have been longing for a break, some respite from all the hard work you have been putting in. Today may find you painting the town with your friends and loved ones as you are inclined to be very social at this time. Also, relationships are following a positive trend these days, so today will find you gain much happiness from those around you. Enjoy today, you deserve this break. Avoid doing anything important during the time slot of 4.45 pm to 5.30 pm.
CANCER: There will be domestic bliss in your home today as you enjoy with your friends and family due to the movement of the Moon in Taurus. Any squabbles that occurred recently will evaporate today, much to your relief. All the aspects surrounding your home and family are good today.Any important task should be scheduled between 3 pm and 4 pm for maximum benefits. Wear lavender colour to instill confidence in yourself. Gifting pink pearls to your beloved is certain to please him or her and bring back the love in your relationship. cancer
leo LEO: This is a day to be fearless in all your actions, despite how challenging your circumstances may be, indicates the Moon in Taurus. Leo, you may have to be a bit tough today in your dealings with others as some minor problems and confrontations are indicated. These confusing times will pass if you face your problems head on. You have the strength to handle anything that comes your way. Avoid wearing colours like sky blue or green. 6 pm to 7.15 pm will be lucky for you.
VIRGO: As the Moon enters Taurus, it bestows upon you the gifts of charm and wit. Virgo, today will find you renewing old ties and forming new bonds. You may also receive a gift from a good friend today. It might be something you have thought of buying for a while or expressed your desire to possess. Show your gratitude sincerely and return the thoughtful act one day soon. This will nourish your friendship for a long time to come. virgo
libra LIBRA: Today you can expect to bump into old friends, or come across them on the internet unexpectedly, Libra. You ought to thank the Moon in Taurus for these little surprises. These small, unexpected reunions will bring you much joy. Take time today to catch up on old times and laugh together about your shared memories. These are called happy accidents and you should enjoy them to the fullest. Keep in touch with the friends you become reacquainted with today. 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm will be your luckiest hour of the day and is a good time for new endeavours.
SCORPIO: You will take a keen interest in an emerging field of knowledge today, thanks to the beneficial Moon moving into Taurus. A special topic will catch your interest and today it`s likely that you`ll find some time to broaden your base of understanding on it. Being informed about a diverse array of topics and keeping pace with them will turn out to be very helpful to you. Career wise, the day is indicated to be a pleasant one. You will be happy to finish off tasks at hand. Wear deep red for added luck. 7 pm to 8 pm will be your lucky time today. scorpio
sagittarius SAGITTARIUS: The Moon’s transit in Taurus has you feeling especially happy today. Sagittarius, you unexpectedly recover something you lost a while ago. Was it a cherished gift or a souvenir from someone special? It could even be lost documents or certificates. Whatever the case may be, keep it all safely and thank your stars for it Sagittarius.
CAPRICORN: The Moon in Taurus brings out your benevolent side to the forefront. If you are asked to give a little of your time to a good social cause, jump at it. Capricorn, not only will it do others good, you will see how much of personal satisfaction it brings you. Go ahead with it; you will enjoy the experience. The day ahead will be filled with many fun moments. However, avoid indulging in arguments today, especially during 5.20 pm to 6.20 pm; to receive the happy vibrations of the cosmic event. capricorn
aquarius AQUARIUS: Today is a day for you to finally get organized. The Moon in Taurus will enable you to de-clutter your mind and your life, helping you complete pending tasks and move in the direction of success. Pick one area of your life-work, financial or domestic-that is in the most disarray and re-organize it today. File, label, budget, sort and categorize it all and you may find that tomorrow you start off on a whole new foot. This will aid you in being more productive in the future. Ignoring this aspect of your life might lead to losses for you. Finish off any pending tasks by 5 pm.
PISCES: Loved ones will be a source of pride and joy today and your family will help you relax and let down your guard. On this day it is likely that some good news brought by someone you care about will bring you joy. This good news is likely to come to you after 4 pm.Celebrate the achievements of your loved ones with them. Lavish them with praise and love today and you will feel just as good as they do in the end. “>pisces

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