Horoscope 10-7-2014


If You Were Born Today, July-10 : You are quick-witted, enthusiastic, and an eternal explorer. You are often assessing what things areworth, and are generally very good at it – you have good taste and a knack for finding worthwhile and valuable things. You enjoy traveling and learning, and you are forever seeking meaning and truths in life. Although you very much dislike routine, you are also very security-conscious and need to lay down roots.Famous people born today: Jessica Simpson, Arlo Guthrie, Adrian Grenier, Sofia Vergara.

aries ARIES: Today the theme of your day will be self-reliance. As much as you treasure your friends and family, you will be aware today that your most important decisions are made by you only and only you suffer the consequences of those decisions. Therefore, focus on your decision-making abilities today and trust your natural instinct. You are more capable than you allow yourself to believe.
TAURUS: You may find yourself misunderstood today. You might be stuck in a situation where no seems to get you not even your family . Remember, it is not always possible to keep everyone happy all the time. If some people cannot understand where you are coming from in spite of your best effort to tell them so, stop trying to explain yourself. Sometimes it is enough to be at peace with yourself.taurus
geminiGEMINI: There may an unexpected gathering at your home today. However tired or preoccupied you may be, take out time for this gathering. It is not everyday that you get a chance to bond with all your friends and family, after all! There will be laughs being had by all. Pull out the camera to capture these memories for a long time to come.
CANCER: Today you may find that you are feeling very optimistic about your life. This can apply to your work life, romantic life and family life. You are generally in an upbeat mood about your future and your optimism is infectious. Use this sense of optimism to engender similar joyful feelings among your family and friends. This is the best time for a weekend getaway with your family.cancer
leoLEO: Today you may find yourself seriously considering taking up a new hobby. This could be anything from playing chess to skydiving. The point is to bring about a change in your routine and provide some fun for you during your downtimes. Whatever it is that strikes your fancy today, go for it. You would not regret it.
VIRGO: You may have been confused for a while, but you will suddenly acquire clarity of thought and decisiveness today. Take this opportunity to clear up any pending projects and immediately jot down all the ideas that have begun to flood your mind before you lose track of them! Everything is suddenly very clear to you and you know exactly what to do. This is the period when you taste success.virgo
libraLIBRA: Today beware of any misunderstandings that might crop up between you and those who are close to you-your family, friends or co-workers. These are mostly avoidable as long as you watch what you say and are not careless with your words. Be sensitive today; it will do you a world of good.
SCORPIO: Do not get into a quarrel today, especially with your loved ones, no matter what the provocation. Shake off any recent arguments and frustrations as these periods of discord are transient. Your role is to keep a cool head and not start arguments that will only bring unhappiness to you and your family. Express yourself calmly and clearly and your loved ones will listen.scorpio
sagittariusSAGITTARIUS: This is a day to be fearless in all your actions, despite how challenging your circumstances may be. You may have to be a bit tough today in your dealings with others as some minor problems and confrontations are indicated. These confusing times will pass if you face your problems head on. You have the strength to handle anything that comes your way.
CAPRICORN: For the time being, avoid any sort of disputes with people in positions of high authority, especially if you need to have their sanction. Since dealings with a bureaucratic organisation may prove cumbersome, you may need to exercise extreme caution at this time if any very important matters are pending for you now.capricorn
aquariusAQUARIUS: There will be every possibility of having guests visiting you from overseas today and there will be a constant party mood in your home. Even if you`re busy at work, use this time to kick back and relax as these friends will bring a lot of lightness to your mood. Enjoy these times!
PISCES: Today you find that a social contact has unexpectedly become an important and strategic professional contact for you. This person could actually help you in your career. Use the relaxed nature of your relationship to build rapport and strengthen the possibilities for a professional association. Remember, you never know when a relationship is going to come in handy, so always nurture them.pisces