Horoscope For 10 March 2014

If You Were Born Today, March  10 :

This is a powerful birthday. You are meant to rule or lead in some manner. Even with a sensitive Pisces Sun sign, you are also a very proud and determined person who is charming and attractive. You are a trend setter, always looking forward. Independent and self-reliant, you do best in a job in which you set the pace and the schedule. You have many ideas how to improve the world around you, and you have an unmistakable idealistic streak.

aries ARIES: The Moon in Cancer finds you in a happy space. Aries, some good news may flow your way today from those who are close to you. There is no telling exactly what form this news will take but surely you will have a few moments when you can enjoy the sense of accomplishment and joy that it brings. You have days when the good news being shared comes from you but today you will have the chance to be a great and supportive friend of someone who is celebrating. 2.15 pm to 3.45 pm will be lucky for you.
TAURUS: As the Moon enters Cancer today you may find your mood disrupted by small arguments that occur between you and your family. It seems that everyone is a bit on edge today, so walk on eggshells as needed in order to avoid confrontation. Don`t be afraid to talk about your feelings and relations are sure to get back to normal again soon. So don’t let it affect you, as everything is going to be all right in some time. Wear something in olive green to attract luck. taurus
gemini GEMINI: You may find today that all is well on the family front. The Moon moving into Cancer helps you resolve problems especially those pertaining to your relationships and your personal life. You have made special efforts to improve your domestic life and today you will see that this has made all the difference in the world. There is a growing sense of understanding between you and your family. Keep up the good work and enjoy the love you share with those important to you. Wear something in light purple to enhance your luck. 6 pm to 8 pm is indicated to be your lucky time.
CANCER: With the Moon moving into Cancer, today is definitely not a good day to get into arguments with people, especially your seniors. Authority figures could put a few impediments in your path, Cancer. Try to be on good terms with people at work especially your supervisors to avoid this kind of situations. Maintain your resolve and continue to move on. This phase shall pass and you will be able to get your work done during a more favourable period. However, you need to remain persistent in your resolve now, without being arrogant. A surprise party in the evening during 6 pm to 7 pm will alleviate the stress of the day and bring you happiness. cancer
leo LEO: Your popularity is right on top of the charts throughout the day, says the Moon in Cancer. Every now and then, you get to relax and rejoice, thanks in large part to your hard work. Right now, you can tell that things are working out because you had the good sense to organise yourself such that nothing got neglected. Getting your home in order might take a large part of your day. But you wouldn`t mind, as you love to keep things nice and tidy and it is activities like these that reduce tension and de-clutter your mind. A few close friends might visit you between 4 pm and 5 pm.
VIRGO: As the Moon moves into Cancer, you might be forced to reset your priorities, and this may be the cause for much frustration today. Virgo, you may be involved in too many things at the same time. These tensions may be coming from both home and work. Today you will need to focus your mind and prioritize your duties so that no major responsibilities go undone. Without letting the work or family ball drop, try to keep juggling them throughout the day and things will settle down soon. Meditation and spirituality will help you find inner peace. virgo
libra LIBRA: As the Moon moves further into Cancer, you are at your charming and productive best, Libra. You are naturally inclined toward common sense and worldly wisdom. If people look up to you and come to you for advice, do not let them down or do anything to tarnish this image. Use your skills to get in your employer’s good graces today and grow careerwise.
SCORPIO: Scorpio, there will be every possibility of having guests visiting you from overseas today and there will be a constant party mood in your home. Even if you`re busy at work, use this time to kick back and relax as these friends will bring a lot of lightness to your mood. You should not miss out on these fun times because it is not everyday that you get to spend some joyous moments with your loved ones. Enjoy these times! 5 pm to 6 pm will be your luckiest hour of the day. scorpio
sagittarius SAGITTARIUS: A party or a gathering at your home is indicated today, says the Moon in Cancer. This will be a chance for you to forget some of your cares and worries and just enjoy time with those who are closest to you. Release all tension from your mind and allow yourself to just relax. You will feel rejuvenated because of it. With the enormous amount of work you have been doing lately, you have overtired yourself . Therefore, visiting a spa or a spa treatment at home and pampering yourself is highly recommended. The best time for it would be 3 pm to 5 pm.
CAPRICORN: Your creative skills will be appreciated today, says the Moon in Cancer. Given this, you may be able to offer others some help on difficult problems that need clever solutions. Helping others will also bring you a lot of adulation and appreciation and perhaps even help you land the promotion that you have been waiting for. Impressed by your problem-solving abilities, you can expect to be consulted more and more by those who need help! Use your mind to increase your respect today. capricorn
aquarius AQUARIUS: The Moon in Cancer turns your fortunes around and shows you the path to come out of a pressing problem. Aquarius, today is not the day to sulk and wallow in your sorrows but be happy, as your problems are finally clearing up. The legal system will work in your favour today! All your efforts at finding a solution to a long standing legal issue finally comes to fruition. However, you may find yourself drained of energy even though you have emerged victorious. Your legal matters will begin to be less burdensome for you from this point forward. 5 pm to 6 pm will be your luckiest hour of the day.
PISCES: Today you may find that your connections to influential people are quite strong, owing to the influence of the Moon in Cancer. And one of these people is likely to come to your aid today if you need a special favour that relates to their field of expertise. Dear Pisces, do not be afraid to call on this person today but do remember you will have to return the favour in the future so watch what you ask for. On the flip side, you might have to put in a little extra effort just to get your mind focused on completing the work assigned to you. Incorporating the colour rose pink in your outfit will serve to keep your energy levels high throughout the day, helping you focus your attention on the task at hand. “>pisces