Horoscope for 10 October 2014


If You Were Born Today, October 10 :

You are a giver, yet a go-getter–ambitious, but always considerate of others. You instinctively understand that change is necessary for growth, even though you do hold on to traditions, habits, and people. Romantic at heart, you love deeply and often permanently. You are strong at networking and promotion. Highly intelligent, you constantly feed your mind with new information.

aries ARIES: Pull out those streamers and noisemakers as today is a day you may find yourself heading to a family celebration owing to the Sun opposition Saturn. Families and friends will come together and will create lasting, joyful memories for everyone involved. Today is a day to simply enjoy your togetherness, Aries. Leave all the worries about work aside and enjoy the day to the full. Mixing business with family time will spoil everything. Complete all your work and hurry to the party which is likely to begin between 5 pm and 6 pm. Wear something in bright red to create an impression. Enjoy!
TAURUS: The Sun opposition Saturn brings a day full of adventure and excitement. You will get a long-awaited break from your daily routine and will find this to be a day to recharge your batteries and refresh your mind and body. Whether it is a long walk with a friend, a scenic trek or an amusement park ride, let your hair down and have a blast. On the downside, the transit might make you critical of others, which may result in a minor argument with a friend or family member. Steer clear of any altercations, especially during 3 pm to 4 pm, as it is indicated to be your unlucky time.taurus
geminiGEMINI: The Sun opposition Saturn brings out the adventure enthusiast in you, Gemini. You might hit the road for a trip with friends. This could be a day trip out of town or a slightly longer journey. Either way, you are bound to have a wonderful time on this adventure and will get plenty of photos to remember this trip. The beauty of this is you can expect some pleasant surprises along the way. You wouldn’t have to try very hard to make this an interesting experience.
CANCER: The Sun opposition Saturn will colour your life with the brightest of colours, dear Cancer. Today, you will realise the importance of the little things that matter the most in life-like spending time with your family, giving and receiving gifts and celebrating days like these. Cancer, these are the little things that make life worth living, so use today to revel in the happiness and love of your family. And don’t forget to do something special for them too. 3 pm to 5 pm will be lucky for you.cancer
leoLEO: A long-standing legal battle, which may have been the source of a lot of worry and anxiety for you, will finally be concluded in your favour, indicates the Sun opposition Saturn. You can finally get back to your normal routine now that this matter will cease to remain a distraction for you. It is time to move on in life, especially mentally and emotionally. A family trip would be a good idea; it will rejuvenate your senses and also provide much needed respite from the rigours of everyday life. 5 pm to 7 pm is lucky for you. Wear royal blue for good fortune and prosperity.
VIRGO: Owing to the Sun opposition Saturn, today try to protect yourself from people around you who bring negative energy into your life. They will not only affect your peace of mind but will create hurdles in your work as well.You otherwise can be quite a positive person, but are unaware of how much these negative influences change your mood and your choices. Find the positive people in your crowd today and stick to them. Careerwise, 1.30 pm to 3.15 pm will prove to be your time. A promotion or even a lucrative new job might be offered to you during this time. Wear blue to stay protected against diseases and ill healthvirgo
libraLIBRA: Entertainment will be topmost on your agenda today due to the Sun opposition Saturn. Libra, go ahead and plan for something fun and exciting that you and your friends or family can do together. After all, there is no harm in leaving your responsibilities aside every once in a while and just enjoying your day! Wear something in the colour indigo today; this will help enhance your creativity and help you come up with ideas that will make your day even more fun and interesting. 4 pm to 5 pm will be your luckiest hour of the day.
SCORPIO: Good friends will give you honest answers. Make sure you know a person well before trusting them blindly-this is the message that the Sun in Aquarius wishes to convey to you. A good friend will give you advice that actually helps you. Seek positive feedback from them to improve your lifestyle. Do not put up your defences, they will only hamper your growth. Revelation of some secrets and misconceptions during 4 pm to 5 pm might disturb you.scorpio
sagittariusSAGITTARIUS: Today you may find yourself heading out on a religious pilgrimage as you are currently interested in such adventures. This influence is likely to be more pronounced under the transit of the Sun opposition Saturn. Indulge in these religious activities and you may find that pursuing these interests bring you joy and fulfillment inside. Do not ignore your instincts. The east will bring some great opportunities your way.
CAPRICORN: The Sun opposition Saturn makes you want to forget about your worries and enjoy life. There is fun and laughter happening in your home now as you are enjoying the company of your friends and family.Guests are indicated at this time, so put on an extra pot of tea for these welcome guests! Work may draw your attention away from your social life, but you just have to balance the two. Enjoy the fruits of your labour, both at home and the office. 5 pm to 6 pm might prove to be lucky for you.capricorn
aquariusAQUARIUS: This is a great time to push forward on any educational or academic aspirations you have been harbouring, advises the Sun opposition Saturn. Any actions you take today to improve your mental capacity or further your academic career will bring about great results. Maybe the thought of going back to school or studying abroad has crossed your mind lately? Jump on these options today. Wear midnight blue to increase your prospects of landing that overseas career opportunity that you have been so desperately wanting to. Students should devote 2 pm to 5 pm to studies, as the positive energies of the cosmic event will be especially high during this time.
PISCES: The Sun opposition Saturn has many surprises in store for you. Dear Pisces, your day will be full of unexpected events, some of which will leave you shocked and some of which will bring you a lot of happiness. A special person might ask you to spend more time with him or her. This may indicate that he/she is genuinely interested in you and today might be the start of a new relationship. On the flip side, someone who presents a rosy picture of a not so perfect scenario will try to dupe you but you being the clever Pisces, will be able to read between the lines and know the real motive of this person. Wearing orange will enhance your luck. 8 am-10 am is indicated to be your lucky time.“>pisces
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