Horoscope 12-6-2014


If You Were Born Today, June-12 :


You are sociable, popular, and insatiably curious. You have writing and/or speaking skills and enjoy expressing yourself. At the same time, others find you an interesting conversationalist. Moodiness and restlessness come when you are not intellectually stimulated or on the move. Even so, it would be wise to slow down from time to time in order to get in touch with your deeper needs and intuition.Famous people born today: Anne Frank, George Herbert Walker Bush, Charles Kingsley, Jason Mewes, Dave Franco.

aries ARIES: The Moon in Gemini asks you to keep the list of things you wanted to do around the house on hold. Get them out of the way. Pisces, it is time to tackle it head-on as domestic issues will be resolved relatively easily today. Your loved ones will be willing to lend a helping hand, so take advantage of their inclination to help. At the end of the day feel the relief of having knocked some of those pending tasks off your list. Wear golden for good luck.
TAURUS: Try to avoid all forms of disputes with friends at this time, cautions Jupiter in Cancer. Everyone may be under a bit of stress so collectively there are some tensions going around. There may even be a couple of instances in which you may feel provoked to react. Wear blue colour to restrain yourself from falling prey to anger and temper flare-ups. This is exactly when you must control your temper. Even if you are not provoked, it is your stubbornness at times that may alienate you from others. 7 pm to 8 pm is indicated to be lucky for you. taurus
gemini GEMINI: You are in an ambitious and competitive frame of mind today. This may be a result of the positive vibrations of the Moon in Leo. This is fine for certain spheres of life, but try not to become aggressive, especially around family. Know that you can be assertive in order to get what you want, without stepping on anyone`s toes. Maintain your emotional balance today. Be sensitive to the needs of your loved ones.
CANCER: The Moon moving into Virgo urges you to focus on building your self confidence. Today you may find that you are a little frustrated with others who have let you down. Try to realise the importance of having faith in yourself, dear Scorpio. It may seem like people are making promises and then are not following through on their word but you will need to take this in stride today and just try to keep a cool head. Your projects will pause only temporarily. cancer
leo LEO: As the Moon is in Libra, you find it easier than ever to connect with your spiritual self. Aquarius, today you feel inclined to pursue an activity that is spiritual in nature. Definitely undertake this activity, as it will bring you some joy and satisfaction. This activity will make you feel somewhat grounded and centred, so today is a great day to take advantage of this. You may go on a journey to a holy site or consider undertaking a pilgrimage today. 8 am to 11 am is your lucky time.
VIRGO: A general feeling of dissatisfaction lingers through the day, as the Full Moon in Scorpio has a negative impact on you. Calm down and peacefully think about the reason behind your dissatisfaction and what is troubling you so much and then try finding a solution for it. This overall period of gloom and lethargy is just a passing phase anyway. Complete any pending work before 5.30 pm; the time after this is not very auspicious. virgo
libra LIBRA: Today you may find yourself seriously considering taking up a new hobby, says the Moon in Sagittarius. This could be anything from playing chess to skydiving. The point is to bring about a change in your routine and provide some fun for you during your downtimes. Whatever it is that strikes your fancy today, go for it. You would not regret it. You are likely to engage in creative pursuits during 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm. Orchids will be lucky for you; placing them in the northern end of your home will enhance your financial luck.
SCORPIO: Sagittarius, today it is important that you get out of your shell and mingle with people because you are likely to have a new, important relationship enter your life. This will not be a romantic relationship, but will likely be a friendship, or a mentor-protege relationship. Someone who can give you guidance in life may very well enter your life today. Definitely see where this relationship can lead you, and show this person your gratitude for their guidance. 5 pm to 7 pm will be lucky for you. scorpio
sagittarius SAGITTARIUS: Jupiter trine Saturn is the time to enjoy the good that life brings for us. You will be able to find a peaceful resolution to a minor ongoing conflict that you have been experiencing. Cooler and more rational heads will prevail, and a mutually agreeable resolution will be found. You can put this episode completely behind you and focus on bringing positive changes in life. Wear something in your lucky colour dark red today.
CAPRICORN: Today will be a day of self-discovery for you, indicates the Moon in Aquarius. Capricorn, today you devote some much needed time to yourself.You will be exploring the far corners of your own mind and personality in order to really feel like you know yourself inside and out. This will be a fruitful time for you and the insight that you gain will help you improve your career, family life and relationships. Others will notice the change in you. 2 pm-3 pm is the luckiest hour of the day. capricorn
aquarius AQUARIUS: The Moon in Taurus brings you closer to your family. Capricorn, spend time with your loved ones today; you can leave your worries behind for a day. It is all right to ditch your work sometimes in favour of your family. This is a time full of warmth and rapport for people in close relation to each other, so appreciate their presence in your life. Treasure these moments as they do not last forever. 7 pm to 8 pm is the luckiest hour of the day.
PISCES: Dear Taurus, you may have to bear the brunt of Mercury in Cancer, which doesn’t help make things better for you. Look for de-stressing mechanisms; maybe a hobby like reading or gardening. How about going on a short outing with your family or friends for the day? If none of this appeals to you, just grab that phone and call up someone you are close to and have a heart-to-heart conversation. The occurrence of some important event during 5.35 pm to 6.45 pm will give you much happiness. pisces