Horoscope 13-7-2014


If You Were Born Today, July-13 : You are attractive, steady, and a little intimidating. Many of you are likeable from a distance and difficult to get to know, but very friendly once others know you. Your sense of humor is quirky – you have a strong sense of the ridiculous or absurd. You always have a good argument and often a great comeback. You are ambitious and motivated, and have a feel for the right path towards success. You might often be attracted to people you can’t have in love, but you do seek out long-term partnership. Famous people born today: Patrick Stewart, Harrison Ford, Cameron Crowe, Ashley Scott, Cheech Marin, Fran Kranz.

aries ARIES: Lock your doors tightly today as a break-in is indicated. If you are on the ground floor you should just check twice that everything has been shut and locked properly. You do not need to live in fear today, but this is just a day to think about what security measures you employ in your home and make sure they are all squarely in place.
TAURUS: Today you will need to show restraint while talking to your family members, as some minor arguments are indicated. Even if you get some temporary rush out of standing your ground, look at the longer picture and try to keep some perspective on the matter. Getting into a heated argument would also affect your health and stress level. taurus
gemini GEMINI: Today beware of others around you who may harbour some jealousy or negative emotions about you. Their opinions are not justified but you should still ensure that you do not fan the fire of their resentment. Keep your head up and your eyes on your responsibilities and your business and you will be fine.
CANCER: Today you will commit to changing your life. Its high time you took the plunge, the point is to turn discontent into action. Ignoring problems will not make them disappear but using the friction they produce to intensify your feelings until you put yourself on a new path in the right direction is sure to be rewarded. cancer
leo LEO: Today you are likely to have a new, important relationship enter into your life. This will not be a romantic relationship, but will likely be a friendship, or a mentor-protege relationship. Someone who can give you guidance in life may very well enter your life today. Definitely see where this relationship can lead you, and show this person your gratitude for their guidance.
VIRGO: You could be a very confused person today. Calm down and peacefully think about the reasons behind your confusion and what is troubling you so much. If necessary, write out you thoughts or discuss them with a friend or family member. You will be able to clear your mind in this manner. virgo
libra LIBRA: Think before you speak today or else you may have reason to regret your sharp words later. Just tread lightly in your various situations today as some altercations or misunderstandings are indicated. It would be better to hold your tongue when you might say something hurtful than feel sorry and be unable to change the situation later.
SCORPIO: Today try to protect yourself from people around you who bring negative energy into your life. They will not only affect your peace of mind but will create hurdles in your work as well.You otherwise can be quite a positive person, but are unaware of how much these negative influences change your mood and your choices. Find the positive people in your crowd today and stick to them. scorpio
sagittarius SAGITTARIUS: You may find your social and professional standing boosted today through a contact that you have made who can make good things happen for you. Treasure this relationship and nurture it because it will bring changes into you life that you may not expect but will enjoy. And do not forget to thank them for their support!
CAPRICORN: You may feel slightly moody today. However, you may also be able to focus on how to stamp out negativity in your life. Some level of complaining may help you get through the day some days but in general it brings down your attitude and the mood of those around you. You can actually increase your level of joy and happiness through conscious effort. capricorn
aquarius AQUARIUS: There is fun and laughter happening in your home now as you are enjoying the company of your your friends and family. Guest from overseas are indicated at this time, so put on an extra pot of tea for these welcome guests! Work may draw your attention away from the fun and games, but you just have to balance the two. Enjoy the fruits of your labour, both in the home and the office.
PISCES: Today you should ask yourself why you are creating unnecessary arguments with those who are close to you. You may be simply acting out as a result of some recent stress that has been building up. Try to maintain a calm and cool demeanour today and hold your tongue if you feel that something unkind is about to be spoken by you. pisces