Horoscope 16-7-2014


If You Were Born Today, July-16 : Others tend to be quite fascinated with you. You have a royal bearing and warm approach, yet you keep a certain distance and air of mystery. You are enthusiastic and highly intuitive. Your advice is always welcome as you are exceptionally fair-minded. You most enjoy love relationships that keep you moving, learning, and experiencing life. You are quick to size up a person or situation, and you are typically very accurate in your assessments! Famous people born today: Will Ferrell, Ginger Rogers, Barbara Stanwyck, Corey Feldman, Jayma Mays.

aries ARIES: You may feel a bit conflicted today between your opposing desires and responsibilities, indicates Jupiter in Leo. Financial gains are on your cards after all the hard work you have put in. You need to take care that you are not neglecting any responsibilities or duties at any front. But, then, when has the balancing act been a problem for you? Handle it all with some tact and grace and everyone will be happy. Your day will be a pleasant one if you do not dwell on regrets. Wear deep blue for better luck today. 3 pm to 6 pm will prove to be your lucky time.
TAURUS: Today you will need to work on expressing yourself more clearly. Jupiter in Leo will help you find inner strength to get through any situations or surprises that come your way. You are full of bright ideas but the value of those ideas is getting lost in translation. Speak clearly when expressing yourself and make sure whomever you are talking to is understanding the true meaning of what you are saying. The effort you put in while getting your message across will save you a lot of frustrations in the end. Wear something in blue to stay out of harm’s way. 4 pm to 7 pm is indicated to be lucky for you.taurus
geminiGEMINI: You are not in the best of moods today. As Jupiter enters the sign of Leo, you find that a fresh set of problems have introduced themselves in your life, especially those pertaining to the domestic sphere. Gemini, what you need to do right now is observe where and when things go wrong. From your end, try to not lose your temper. Placing white lilies in your room or even incorporating white in your outfit might calm you down. Although tempting, it can lead to loss of affection and a rift in your relationship. Remain focused on nurturing your relationships with friends and family so that they can grow and thrive for the long haul. Scheduling important work between 5pm to 7pm is not advisable.
CANCER: This is a time when bonds of care and trust grow deep. You come close to your loved ones and realise their importance in your life. You may have taken them for granted in the past; make it up to them by way of apologies and warm hugs and see what a wonderful difference it makes. This is the perfect time to plan a trip for your family so that you all can spend some exclusive time together.cancer
leoLEO: Peace of mind eludes you today. Look for de-stressing mechanisms; maybe a hobby or reading or gardening. How about going on a short outing with your family or friends for the day? If none of this appeals to you, just grab that phone and call up someone you are close to you and have a heart-to-heart. Don`t fall into depression as your peaceful state of mind will be back to normal soon.
VIRGO: Today you will be winding down from some recent days filled with socializing and frivolity. Take time today to relax and get your house and your life back in order. As much as you have enjoyed the parties and the laughs, there are some pending responsibilities that you have to take care of. Use today to get yourself back on track.virgo
libraLIBRA: A special honour may come your way today. This should not come as a surprise to you; after all, you are well-liked and appreciated. The honour may be as small as a piece of praise from your superior at work or as a promotion or even an award. Accept it graciously and let it be a light to guide your path ahead.
SCORPIO: Today you may be feeling somewhat reflective and introspective. You may spend some time analysing how you have attained your current level of success, and will be wondering what the road ahead has in store for you. These times of mental reflections are helpful in the long run in helping you keep your goals in perspective.scorpio
sagittariusSAGITTARIUS: Today, you do not seem to be have any help forthcoming from friends or colleagues. Any advice that they give you seems useless. This may disappoint you since you may have feel the need for some assistance but remember that everyone has their own limitations. Do not jump to conclusions without proper analysis. You will have the strength to conquer whatever challenging situations come your way.
CAPRICORN: This is a good time to take a competitive examination. If you are sitting for any competitive exam, then this is the right day; you are likely to succeed. So, be confident in what you have studied and go ahead and take that exam.capricorn
aquariusAQUARIUS: This is a great time to push forward on any educational or academic aspirations you have been harbouring. Any actions you take today to improve your mental capacity or further your academic career will bring about great results. Maybe the thought of going back to school or studying abroad has crossed your mind lately? Jump on these options today.
PISCES: Harmony and tranquillity at home are highlighted today. This appears to be a significant period for your family and you will be able to solidify your bonds by spending time together. It is these times of normalcy that will sustain you emotionally and you need to make sure that your relationships become deeper and healthier over time. Use open and honest communication to build trust among you.pisces
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