Horoscope For 17 september 2014


If You Were Born Today, 17  September :

You have inner strength and persistence that helps you to overcome obstacles. You understand things that go over others’ heads, and your sense of humor is spirited. The drive for material security is strong. Power struggles are often present in your love relationships, generally because you tend to be attracted to people who as strong-minded as you are.

aries ARIES: As the Moon is in Scorpio, today you may need to work on asserting yourself in various difficult situations, Aries. Sometimes you may have a tendency to be either slightly passive or slightly aggressive, but today you should identify how to be assertive instead. You may find that this tactic, coupled with a healthy dose of diplomacy, will take you very far in difficult situations.
TAURUS: Intellectual pursuits and matters of the mind will be very active today, says the Moon in Scorpio. Acquiring new skills and knowledge will boost your spirits and make you more confident about yourself, Taurus. Whether you are a student or a professional, any new endeavours that you undertake today will help to sharpen your intellectual faculties for a long time to come. Sea green is lucky for you. 6.25 pm to 7.10 pm is a good time to take any investment related decisions.taurus
geminiGEMINI:  The Moon moving into Scorpio has you feeling contented and satisfied. Today you can expect to bump into old friends, or come across them on the internet unexpectedly. These small, unexpected reunions will bring you much joy. Take time today to catch up on old times and laugh together about your shared memories. These are called happy accidents and you should enjoy them to the fullest. Keep in touch with the friends you become reacquainted with today. 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm will be your luckiest hour of the day and is a good time for new endeavours.
CANCER: The Moon in Scorpio asks you to remain alert today as losses are likely, Cancer. If you are at home, you should just check twice that everything has been kept securely and properly. You do not need to live in fear today, but this is just a day to think about what security measures you employ in your home and make sure they are all squarely in place. Wear something in indigo to enhance your luck in matters related to finances. Remain alert after 4 pm as it is indicated not very lucky in terms of money matters.cancer
leoLEO: If you were hoping to get away soon for a brief trip with friends or family, today is the day to make your final arrangements as the Moon is in Scorpio. You can expect that this trip will be relatively hassle-free and will be full of frivolity. Whatever issues do crop up, just make a decision and move on. This is not a day to get into disagreements. Some minor issues might crop up during 3 pm to 4 pm, do not get into arguments and use your wisdom to figure out the best way to tackle them. Wear colours like light purple to stay in a cheery mood throughout the day.
VIRGO: You may experience a sudden change in your fortune today, as the Moon is in Scorpio. Suddenly, it will seem like you attract attention no matter what you do! Your colourful, playful way of dealing with people and situations will attract new friends and even some business connections. You could even try your luck at lottery today as everything seems to be going in your favour.virgo
libraLIBRA: Today you will commit to changing your life, Libra. The happy vibrations of the Moon in Scorpio ensure that some good will definitely come out of your sincere efforts to bring about positive changes in yourself and your life. The point is to turn discontent into action. Ignoring problems will not make them disappear but using the friction they produce to intensify your feelings until you put yourself on a new path in the right direction is sure to be rewarded. Introspection will be the key to your spiritual growth. Spend some time with yourself, preferably 7.15 pm to 8.30 pm, and think about yourself and the things you must do to change your life for the better.
SCORPIO: A smile may suddenly come across your face today when something you thought was long-lost reappears, indicates the Moon in Scorpio. These types of small happy accidents may brighten your day as your luck is somewhat prominent. Take a few extra minutes to look under and behind objects, as you never know just what you might find! Consider yourself lucky today. Wear something in turquoise to further enhance your luck. 5.15 pm to 6.15 pm will be your golden time, any activity or task that you undertake during this time is certain to yield positive results.scorpio
sagittariusSAGITTARIUS: Today the theme of your day will be self-reliance. Sagittarius, even though, you love being with your friends and family most of the days, today you just wish to be left alone, owing to the negative influence of the Moon in Scorpio. As much as you treasure your friends and family, you will be aware today that your most important decisions are made by you only, and only you suffer the consequences of those decisions. Therefore, focus on your decision-making abilities today and trust your instinct. You are more capable than you allow yourself to believe.
CAPRICORN: Capricorn, today you should ask yourself why you are not being cordial towards those who are close to you. As the Moon moves further into Scorpio, it’s time to get your life in order. You may be simply acting out as a result of some recent stress that has been building up. Try to maintain a calm and cool demeanour today and hold your tongue if you feel that something unkind is about to be spoken by you. No matter what you do, you might still get embroiled in some altercations or arguments during 5 pm to 7 pm, so be extra careful during this time.capricorn
aquariusAQUARIUS: Entertainment will be topmost on your agenda today, as the Moon goes into Scorpio. Aquarius, go ahead and plan for something fun and exciting that you and your friends or family can do together. After all, there is no harm in leaving your responsibilities aside every once in a while and just enjoying your day! Wear something in the colour black today; this will help enhance your creativity and help you come up with ideas that will make your day even more fun and interesting. 4 pm to 5 pm will be your luckiest hour of the day.
PISCES: The Moon in Scorpio awakens the adventure enthusiast in you. Pull out your travelling shoes, because you are going on a trip today, dear Pisces. Indications are that you may even be going abroad! This trip is likely family-related, though it could be work-related, and will bring you joy. Enjoy the togetherness that you share if you head out with your family as this trip is indicated to be very pleasurable. Some troubles are indicated during 5 pm to 6 pm which can put your trip in jeopardy. So watch out! Rose pink will be your lucky color.“>pisces
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