Horoscope 20 October 2014


If You Were Born Today, October 20 :

You are a people person, always curious about others and very friendly and enthusiastic. As sociable as you can be, however, you are also very partnership-oriented, and come alive in one-to-one settings. While  you don’t always follow others’ advice, you do love to ask, if only to stimulate conversation and to set your own thinking processes into motion. Cheerfulness and a unique sense of humor are your trademarks. Famous people born today: Wynonna Judd, Mel Blanc, Manny Ramirez.

aries ARIES: Today you should try to minimize all the distractions that keep you from addressing and completing your responsibilities, advises Venus in Taurus. Parties may be fun at the time, but continually socializing when you should be studying or spending time with your family will only serve to make your problems worse. Take a close look at your priorities today and then act accordingly. Talking to a close friend will help you think clearly and alleviate stress. The best time to take investment related decisions will be 5.35 pm to 6.35 pm. Wear something in your lucky colour wine red today.
TAURUS: As Venus enters Taurus, it is you, dear Taurus, who will benefit the most from the positive cosmic energies of the transit and those who feel it the most are those around you! You are like a lucky charm today for everyone in your family and career circle, so use this special position to bring benefit to others. You will definitely win a lot of appreciation for your good deeds!taurus
geminiGEMINI: Venus in Taurus is a time to put those pending plans in action. The day may begin with some frustrations, but it will end with a feeling of great satisfaction. Your patience and perseverance will have a significant effect on those around you and difficulties will disappear and obstacles will vanish. You would be able to speak your mind and find people falling for your charm. Singles are indicated to find someone interesting today.
CANCER: With Venus entering Taurus, today you may find yourself leaning towards spiritual practices and pursuits. Cancer, explore your inner spiritual world and nurture the part of you that connects with a force larger than yourself. This exploration and journey will bring you lots of benefits, as well as a sense of peace. You may find that your health benefits as a result of your introspection. Wearing something in violet will protect you from ill health and diseases. 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm is a good time to take decisions about the welfare of your family; the decisions that you take during this time are certain to yield positive results.cancer
leoLEO: If your relationship with a loved one seems like it has been a bit strained then today you may see it start to even out, foretells Venus moving into Taurus. Hard work, a lot of restraint and composure from both sides have resulted in this improvement. Do not let it go in vain. Furthermore, maturity is required to make things normal again. Keep up the good work and make sure those close to you always know how much you love them!
VIRGO: Venus in Taurus asks you not to get drawn into an argument with friends, as it is the surest way to ruin your peace of mind. Virgo, if you feel you are being put in an awkward situation or if you feel tense, keep your cool. Any argument right now would be detrimental to your mental health and will spoil your relationships with your friends. Completely stay out of conflicts. Wearing something in the colour off-white will bring peace and luck. The ideal timing for meditation is between 5 pm to 6. 15 pm.virgo
libraLIBRA: Venus moving into Taurus has you feeling quite adventurous and playful. It is indicated that you may take a trip with your family today. It could either be a short trip out of town, or a longer holiday far away, but you`re on the move, Libra. Enjoy this memory-generating adventure, for you will reminisce about it together for years to come. Light blue should be your colour of choice today.
SCORPIO: Today is a day in which you are prone to being a little misunderstood if you do not make sure to express yourself clearly, cautions Venus transiting Taurus. Scorpio, think before you speak because if your words are misconstrued you will want to make sure you don`t fan the flames. Repeated misunderstandings may leave you frustrated, but just take it in stride. You may want to express yourself in writing today. So take to your blog or social networking site to vent out your feelings. Perhaps, some retail therapy might soothe your tired mind. 4.15 pm to 5.45 pm is an auspicious time to make expensive and valuable purchases. Deep red will be your lucky colour.scorpio
sagittariusSAGITTARIUS: Venus in Taurus says that today will see you getting involved in some unexpected new learning experiences. Every turn in life teaches you something new, so make sure you learn something valuable from whatever challenges life throws at you today. Since you naturally love to gain experience and knowledge you will find yourself thoroughly enjoying this experience. All the best! You might go out on a fun outing with your close buddies during 4 pm to 6 pm. Placing pink flowers at the entrance of your home will invite peace and harmony in your home. Wear purple for love and romance.
CAPRICORN: Enjoy yourself today, says Venus in Taurus. Capricorn, you have a great deal to be grateful for. Although you may have had a difficult phase, all is well and WILL be. Take pride in all that you have accomplished so far. Feel free to let go of the reins and sit back for a while. You have worked hard for a reason: to enjoy life. Take out time to be with loved ones tonight. Taking any important decisions is not advisable today, tomorrow would be a better day for it.capricorn
aquariusAQUARIUS: As Venus enters Taurus, you realise the importance of being diplomatic yet firm with people. Aquarius, tact and perseverance will help you overcome all obstacles today. It will have a magical effect before which difficulties will disappear and obstacles will vanish. This attitude gives you confidence and experience to deal with any difficult situation in life with relative ease. You realize the importance of thinking things through before acting on something to get the desired results.
PISCES: With Venus in Taurus, you are feeling especially bonded to your family. You may find yourself participating in many activities with your loved ones. Take adequate time out of your schedule so that you can enjoy these family activities today. They are bound to leave you feeling joyful at the end of the day. Astroyogi astrologers suggest the colour golden for you today. Avoid beginning anything new during 4 pm to 7 pm.“>pisces
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