Horoscope for 22 September 2014


If You Were Born Today, September 22 :

You are a perfectionist with an unusual perspective on the world. Both imaginative and conservative,  you have a knack for bringing both worlds to whatever you do. While you are charming and witty, you can be impatient with others when they are not following quickly enough or they are otherwise in your way!

aries ARIES: This day is all about connecting with your inner self. As the Moon is in Capricorn, you are feeling spiritually inclined today. Try to find peace with yourself. You would like to get in touch with your inner being, and do some soul searching to realize where things are going wrong for you and how you can make them right. It is a good time to get away from the maddening rush of life and put your inner world in order. Use the evening for prayer and meditation. 6.15 pm to 7.45 pm will be a good time for it.
TAURUS: The movement of the Moon in Capricorn gets you in the mood for some action and adventure. Today you may feel like breaking out of your shell and taking some risks, Taurus! You may want to make significant leaps forward in many areas of your life, including your relationship and your career or you may feel like doing something as adventurous as skydiving! Choose whichever path suits you today and go for it. You are sure to see some gains by stepping out of your comfort zone.taurus
geminiGEMINI:  There will be domestic bliss happening in your home today as you enjoy your friends and family, says the Moon in Capricorn. Any squabbles that occurred recently will evaporate today, much to the relief of others. Guest from afar are also indicated at this time, so be ready for some company! All the aspects surrounding your home and family today are good. Any important task should be scheduled between 3 pm and 4 pm for maximum benefits. Wear light green to instill confidence in yourself.
CANCER: As the Moon enters Capricorn, you may find your mood disrupted by small arguments that occur between you and your family. It seems that everyone is a bit on edge today, so walk on eggshells as needed in order to avoid confrontation. Don`t be afraid to talk about your feelings and relations are sure to get back to normal again soon. So don’t let it affect you, as everything is going to be all right in some time. Wear something in pale yellow to attract luck.cancer
leoLEO: With the Moon in Capricorn, today your pressures might be a bit high as family members turn to you for help and support. You may need to take on some extra responsibilities today. Just do whatever is asked of you and do it with an open heart and a smile because your family will always support you in turn. You can expect to play a very important role within your family circle today. Wear royal blue for professional success. Place sunflowers in your home to get rid of worries and establish a peaceful environment. 8 am to 9 am should be devoted to spiritual activities.
VIRGO: If you are fighting a legal battle, you are likely to make progress after a slight delay, indicates the Moon in Capricorn. Take the advice of an experienced and good lawyer. There is no need to panic, as the authorities are likely to be disposed in your favour. You may need to be very patient, but the indications are that this legal battle will be resolved in your favour. Some good news is indicated to knock on your doors during 12.30 pm to 1.30 pm. Wear something in forest green to enhance your financial luck.virgo
libraLIBRA: You may feel that your head is spinning a bit today as your attention is pulled in different directions, says the Moon in Capricorn. However, all the activities will be positive, so try to balance out all your responsibilities. Continue to try to make progress on your work front. Balance will be the key to your sanity and productivity today.
SCORPIO: Today beware of others around you who may harbour some jealousy or negative emotions about you, says the Moon in Capricorn. Their opinions are not justified but you should still ensure that you do not fan the fire of their resentment. Keep your head up, Pisces, and your eyes on your responsibilities and your business and you will be fine. Wearing crimson will bring positive energy in your life. Number 9 will bring luck into your life. Do not postpone any important work after 3 pm.scorpio
sagittariusSAGITTARIUS: Today may find you caught up in a flurry of activity in your domestic environment, due to the movement of the Moon in Capricorn. Friends may come into town or drop in on you unexpectedly. Enjoy this company as this is a fruitful time for socializing. Work will be busy for you today so maintain your focus and ensure that you do not fall behind. Try to strike the right balance. Incorporating the colour golden yellow in your outfit will increase your efficiency and productivity at work.
CAPRICORN: Cross your fingers as some important decisive news is likely to come your way today, Capricorn. And thanks to the positive cosmic energies of the Moon in your sign Capricorn, it is more than likely to be some good news. If you have friends or family residing abroad then today they may ring you with some exciting news, probably and you may even be invited on a trip across the ocean. Be assured, it would be a memory-generating journey for all of you. For that extra bit of luck, wear something in the colour black.capricorn
aquariusAQUARIUS: You need to learn to control your temper and anger, especially in situations involving someone important. One way to get out of the tension is to take the first step and make an effort to communicate if you feel there are chances of a cold war. Meditation will help you stay grounded; the best time for it is 7.30 am to 8.30 am.
PISCES: As the Moon moves into Capricorn, it awakens your spiritual side. Pisces, today you may find yourself heading out on a religious pilgrimage, most probably during 8 am to 10 am, as you are currently interested in such adventures. You will feel spiritually inclined today. Indulge in these religious activities and you may find that pursuing these interests bring you joy and fulfillment inside. However, do not get swayed by any sweet talk with a stranger; there are chances that you might just be taken for a ride.“>pisces