Horoscope For 25 September 2014


If You Were Born Today, September 25 :

You are a sensual, intuitive, and emotional person who is sometimes misunderstood, generally because you don’t easily let others in on your deepest thoughts and feelings! However, you are very much respected. You tend to think before you speak or write. A calm exterior can hide some nervousness and worry, as well as an intensely emotional nature. In your work, you are a perfectionist.

aries ARIES: The Moon in Pisces might prove to be a little taxing for you, dear Aries. You may be undergoing a great deal of stress and need to speak to a friend. Open up to this close friend; don`t hesitate. Pouring your heart out will help you in more ways and more deeply than you can anticipate.Remember, even bad experiences do us some good; they teach us invaluable lessons that stay with us throughout our life, Aries. Take it in your stride and be happy because the coming days are going to bring some happy news your way. 5.15 pm to 6.30 pm is the luckiest hour of the day.
TAURUS: You will spend a very satisfactory day at home, foretells the Moon in Pisces. Taurus, it is domesticity that brings you happiness today. You will realise the importance of your family. The support they provide will fill you with gratitude. It`s time to let them know about how you feel; do something special for them to communicate this. Make the most of this time, as you will not get to exclusively be with your family for quite some time. Your family helps you get your priorities right. 5 pm to 6 pm is indicated to be the luckiest hour of the day.taurus
geminiGEMINI:  As the Moon is in Pisces, today you may find yourself feeling a little disappointed in those around you. Gemini, do not lose all hope, however. This may be the result of you having too much time on your hands, or having too high expectations from others. Try to be realistic today and forgive others for their mistakes. Trying to be perfect and expecting others to do the same will only result in further disappointments.
CANCER: You don’t wish to be burdened with responsibilities and just enjoy life as it comes, says The Moon in Pisces. Cancer, take out your party clothes and get ready for a fun day ahead. A party or a gathering at your home is indicated today.This will be a chance for you to forget some of your cares and worries and just enjoy time with those who are closest to you. Release all tension from your mind and allow yourself to just relax. You will feel rejuvenated because of it. Wear something in white to channel the positive energies of the cosmic event.cancer
leoLEO: The Moon in Pisces manifests itself as an urge to sharpen your intellectual skills. You may be given an opportunity to better some of your skill sets as educational opportunities are very likely today. Do not miss out on any chances you come across today to gain some new knowledge or improve your skills because whatever new abilities you acquire today are sure to open a door for you in the future. Some good news regarding a new career opportunity is likely to come your way during 4 pm to 5 pm. Royal blue will help you think clearly and focus on your work
VIRGO: Today you should be careful about whom you trust, cautions the Moon in Pisces. Virgo, you have a tendency to trust others blindly but this habit will get you into trouble sooner or later. Listen to your intuition when making decisions and do not let other people make choices for you. Even if a person seems totally genuine and you are convinced of their kindness, do think twice before giving control of your life over to anyone else. Wear something in turquoise to attract positive cosmic energies.virgo
libraLIBRA: Libra, keep a calm mind today so as to not get carried away by life`s little irritations brought about by the movement of the Moon in Pisces. Today is a day when you might feel inclined to fly off the handle a bit, but don`t worry. Today`s problems turn into opportunities for you in the long run. Maintain your focus on the big picture and enjoy the many positive aspects that you have in your life.
SCORPIO: As the Moon is in Pisces, friends will look to you for help and guidance. This is the time to prove your loyalty, Scorpio. Do all you can, go out of your way if you have to, to help them out. After all, that`s what your relationship has always been about, being there for each other. Give well thought-through, mature and insightful advice to those who come to you today. You will both feel good after the exchange of ideas.scorpio
sagittariusSAGITTARIUS: Today will be a day of self-discovery for you, indicates the Moon in Pisces. Sagittarius, today you devote some much needed time to yourself.You will be exploring the far corners of your own mind and personality in order to really feel like you know yourself inside and out. This will be a fruitful time for you and the insight that you gain will help you improve your career, family life and relationships. Others will notice the change in you. It is advisable not to postpone any important work after 2 pm.
CAPRICORN: The Moon in Pisces may affect your thought processes and fill you with doubts, Scorpio. You may feel like you are entering a period of slowdown and anxiety and you are slightly frustrated at your lack of progress on various fronts. Do not worry about this sluggish period too much as this time gives you a chance to reflect on how far you have come and plan out how you can continue to make progress towards your life goals in the future. Problems that you face today can be worked out by discussing them with someone who works closely with you.capricorn
aquariusAQUARIUS: After some turbulence, your life is slowly getting back on an even keel, all thanks to the positive influences of the Moon moving into Pisces. Close friends will be helpful today and will keep you in good spirits. Aquarius, you have worked hard on your relationships and just need to keep them going in the right way. All your efforts towards engaging in open communication and affection have borne fruit! Today is a great day to recharge, rejoice and rejuvenate your mind and body while you have your best friends around. Enjoy the good times.
PISCES: You may have been confused for a while, but you will suddenly acquire clarity of thought and decisiveness today. Thanks to the Moon in your sign Pisces, clarity will finally prevail in your life. Take this opportunity to clear up any pending projects and immediately jot down all the ideas that have begun to flood your mind before you lose track of them! Everything is suddenly very clear to you and you know exactly what to do. This is the period when you taste success. Steer clear of signing any contracts today, especially during 10.15 am to 2 pm.“>pisces
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