Horoscope For 27 September 2014


If You Were Born Today, September  27 :

You are poised and come across as calm and refined. You are not easy to get close to, and much of your nature remains a mystery to others. Nevertheless, you are charming and others tend to respect you. You are extremely observant and generally think before you speak, and you are a great listener. 

aries ARIES: Peer group recognition brings you happiness, as Venus enters Pisces and gets you the attention that you deserve. Aries, you are someone who automatically gets the support of everyone around. In fact, you may not know it but a lot of people look up to you and like the way you conduct yourself. It is totally your responsibility now to not do anything that would tarnish your image. Steer clear of your rivals who might try to sabotage your reputation in the workplace. 6 pm to 7 pm will be your lucky time.
TAURUS: Venus in Pisces will bring clarity to your thoughts and give direction to your life. Today you find yourself getting caught up in trying to make the right impression on others. You would be well advised to actually make changes within yourself rather than just trying to change your outward persona, dear Taurus. If you are genuine and loving within your heart, it will surely show on the outside as well. Others will respond to you genuinely and openly after that. Wear brown to attract positive energy.taurus
geminiGEMINI:  Venus in Pisces gets you in an introspective mood and urges you to understand yourself on a deeper level. Gemini, you have probably been working very hard lately and this has resulted in an overtired mind. Stop and think about the things that give you happiness but you have been deliberately depriving yourself of in your quest for professional success. Try going for a walk or reading a book today to sooth your mind.
CANCER: Venus in Pisces turns your fortunes around and shows you the path to come out of a pressing problem. Cancer, today is not the day to sulk and wallow in your sorrows but be happy, as your problems are finally clearing up. All your efforts at finding a solution to a long standing issue finally comes to fruition. However, you may find yourself drained of energy even though you have emerged victorious. 5 pm to 6 pm will be your luckiest hour of the day.cancer
leoLEO: You are in an ambitious and competitive frame of mind today. This may be a result of the positive vibrations of Venus in Pisces. This is fine for certain spheres of life, but try not to become aggressive, especially around family. Know that you can be assertive in order to get what you want, without stepping on anyone`s toes. Maintain your emotional balance today. Be sensitive to the needs of your loved ones.
VIRGO: The sheer amount of hard work you have been putting in at work has left you tired and listless. You must not get so absorbed in work that you start neglecting your other responsibilities and most importantly you, yourself. As Venus enters Pisces, the cosmos urge you to take a break and spend some time with yourself. Do things that you like-read a book, watch a movie or catch up with friends. This will help recharge your batteries and prepare you for the challenges of tomorrow. Wear aqua blue as it is lucky for you.virgo
libraLIBRA: Venus in Pisces makes you feel spiritually inclined. Libra, today you are in search of a spiritual answer to life. Soul searching will lead you to understand exactly where things are going wrong and how you can make them better. Be at peace with yourself and things will start to look up in no time. An honest and frank discussion with someone who is close might clear your thoughts and also help you come up with an answer. Meditation and spirituality will help you find inner peace; the best time for it would be 7.30 pm to 8.45 pm.
SCORPIO: Today may find you hitting the road for some sight-seeing or some work-related travel, says Venus in Pisces. This is a fruitful time for travel and you will enjoy the trip, Scorpio. This rejuvenating trip with friends or family will be beneficial from every angle. Make sure you take your camera if you are heading out to a historical or scenic place so that you can reminisce with friends about this trip for years to come. Number 9 is lucky for you.scorpio
sagittariusSAGITTARIUS: With Venus in Pisces, today is the day to put your creativity to some good use. Sagittarius, it has been playing on your mind to start a new hobby or play your favourite sport, so take the time today to decide just how you are going to do it and get started.This will rejuvenate you and serve to bring some newness in your life. Incorporating the colour light purple in your outfit will ensure that your energy levels remain high throughout the day. 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm will be the luckiest hour of the day for you.
CAPRICORN: As Venus is in Pisces, you find it easier than ever to connect with your spiritual self. Capricorn, today you feel inclined to pursue an activity that is spiritual in nature. Definitely undertake this activity, as it will bring you some joy and satisfaction. This activity will make you feel somewhat grounded and centred, so today is a great day to take advantage of this. You may go on a journey to a holy site or consider undertaking a pilgrimage today. 8 am to 11 am is your lucky time.capricorn
aquariusAQUARIUS: Venus in Pisces asks you to keep the list of things you wanted to do around the house on hold. Get them out of the way. Aquarius, it is time to tackle it head-on as domestic issues will be resolved relatively easily today. Your loved ones will be willing to lend a helping hand, so take advantage of their inclination to help. At the end of the day feel the relief of having knocked some of those pending tasks off your list. Wear grey for good luck.
PISCES: Today you find that the humdrum routine of everyday life is broken up by a family occasion, maybe even a wedding, says Venus in your sign Pisces. You will thoroughly enjoy these festivities and may find that you meet up with some relatives whom you haven’t seen in a long time. Use this occasion to kick up your heels and let your hair down. Wear something in your lucky colour yellow. Scheduling any important work between 4 pm and 5 pm will yield positive results.“>pisces
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