Horoscope 30-7-2014


If You Were Born Today, July-30: You are highly creative, spontaneous, humorous, entertaining, and likeable. Emotionally impulsive, you need to feel inspired in order to truly perform. You have a definite flair for the dramatic. You might frequently make sacrifices for others, and often willingly do so. You are highly perceptive and insightful, and this draws others to you, particularly as you mature. While your good-heartedness may be taken advantage of by less noble individuals, you tend to bounce back quickly and although you toughen up to some degree with life experience, you keep your youthful, loving, and generous spirit alive throughout life. Famous people born today: Henry Ford, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kate Bush, Hilary Swank, Delta Burke, Lisa Kudrow, Christopher Nolan.

aries ARIES: Some people around you may be surprised by your behaviour as you will go out of your way to be friendly and helpful to those around you. You find that you have a complete change in your outlook today that will last you for quite some time to come. Make sure that this is not just an outward change, but inward as well!
TAURUS: Today is a day for you to finally get organized. Pick one area of your life-work, financial or domestic-that is in the most disarray and tackle it today. File, label, budget, sort and categorize it all and you may find that tomorrow you start off on a whole new foot. This will aid you in being more productive in the future. Ignoring this aspect of your life will lead to losses for you.taurus
geminiGEMINI: Today you may be hitting the road for that much-anticipated trip, probably for work. Do not let this opportunity go in vain and use it to further your skills and your career. You have nothing to worry about. You can expect that this trip will bring you success and should anticipate the rewards it will bring. Take your business cards along, you will be doing some important networking!
CANCER: Friends will look to you for help and guidance. This is the time to prove your loyalty. Do all you can, go out of your way if you have to, to help them out. After all, that`s what your relationship has always been about being there for each other. Give well thought-through, mature and insightful advice to those who come to you today. You will both feel good after the exchange of ideas.cancer
leoLEO: Today you feel slightly restless and will not want to focus on your responsibilities. You are easily distracted. Your mind will be on your friends and your time will be spent sending them text messages and talking on the phone. This is fine for a day, as long as you do not leave any major jobs pending. After catching up with every one, though, make sure you turn your attention back to your work!
VIRGO: Today is a day to really dream big for yourself. What is it that you really want in life? Today is the day to start your Life List of all the things you want to do in your lifetime. Efforts taken towards this step today will prove extremely fruitful and will help clarify your goals to yourself. Start working towards them today!virgo
libraLIBRA: Today will be a day of fun and relaxation. Social activities will bring you joy and you will appreciate what changes have come about in your life as of late. Take some time to focus on the road ahead and do not be afraid to branch out into new intellectual pursuits. Take all your varied interests into account and enjoy them.
SCORPIO: Use the day to make new friends. Networking, lobbying or participating in community events will go a long way in forging new bonds and meeting new people. What are you waiting for? Exchange your business cards, email addresses or phone numbers today! You never know where one of these new avenues may lead you.scorpio
sagittariusSAGITTARIUS: Today beware of getting caught up in any sort of controversy, as controversy and small hassles are indicated today. If an issue seems like it might become quite heated, then stay clear. You may find the argument heads in a direction you weren`t expecting and becomes slightly ugly. Wash your hands of controversy today and you`ll be glad you did!
CAPRICORN: Entertainment will be topmost on your agenda today. Go ahead and plan for something fun and exciting that you and your friends or family can do together. After all, there is no harm in leaving your responsibilities aside every once in a while and just enjoying your day!capricorn
aquariusAQUARIUS: Today it is likely that some important decisions may need to be taken by you, either on the domestic, work or social fronts. Any important decision should be taken after weighing the pros and cons of the matter. So that you don`t make your decisions in haste, this would also be an exceptional day for researching, studying, or making headway on a complicated project.
PISCES: Today you may find that you are on the lookout for an advisor for some troubles in your family life. This will most probably be a trusted family acquaintance. It may even be that you search for a competent astrologer who can guide you in the right direction. Make sure you have chosen the right professional so you are not disappointed and lead astray. Do not believe anything blindly.pisces