Horoscope for 30 September 2014


If You Were Born Today, September 30:

You possess much in the way of common sense as well as a very practical nature. You have a straightforward manner, but you are also capable of great imagination. You can be quite determined, independent, and some might call you stubborn. Thoughtful and considerate, you enjoy making others happy in small but important ways.

aries ARIES: With Neptune moving into Pisces, you may feel like you are exceptionally busy and slightly overwhelmed. Responsibilities are likely to increase on the personal front, dear Aries. This is a period of change and you may feel a bit confused. The good that will come out of this are the new opportunities that will broaden your horizons. Take on any challenge today, no matter how daunting it may seem. You might come into an inheritance or get monetary gains due to an acquaintance of yours. Wearing maroon will enhance your luck. 6 pm to 8 pm is a good time to take decisions concerning the home front.
TAURUS: With Neptune in Pisces, you can expect there to be a sense of warmth and harmony at home. Visitors will be welcomed with open arms, and their company will be well enjoyed. Continue to ride this wave of social activities, as they will bring you joy and happiness. You might even expect some guests to drop in unexpectedly, however, this is a pleasant visit and will make you happy.taurus
geminiGEMINI: With Neptune residing in Pisces, you are inclined to be slightly argumentative and may even get involved in an altercation for no apparent reason. Gemini, today you will need to learn how to better express yourself and look for ways to be better understood by others. This will allow you to avoid unnecessary arguments and misunderstandings, which in turn will help establish harmony in your relationships with colleagues, family and neighbours. Build up your social and diplomatic skills, the benefits will reflect in your relationships. Yellow will be your lucky colour for today; try incorporating this colour in your outfit in some way. Your high energy point will come around 5 pm.
CANCER: Cancer, haven’t you been in need of some assistance to solve a burning issue? Well, today you might find someone who is senior to you gives you some advice. Use this advice wisely and to your advantage. It will surely help your career a great deal. You may not even have sought out this advice, but it comes your way nonetheless and you find that comes in surprisingly handy. Be sure to show your gratitude to this unexpected angel! You might meet this person sometime between 4 pm and 5.35 pm.cancer
leoLEO: Today you may feel a bit concerned about certain aspects of your life which you do not think are in line with your dreams, says Neptune in Pisces. Dear Leo, do not be afraid to daydream today but at the end of the day assess how to turn those dreams into reality. You do not have to assume that your dreams are out of reach. If you work methodically and strive for greatness there is nothing that can stop you. Wearing white is lucky for you.
VIRGO: Today you may reflect back on a helping hand that a friend or family member extended to you recently, says Neptune moving into Pisces. Virgo, make sure to show them how much you appreciate their help and support and tell them that you would always do the same in return. Pay the good deed forward by helping out someone else in need. A friend might ask you for a favour today. Helping him or her is certain to strengthen your friendship and also give you the satisfaction of doing something good. 2 pm to 3.45 pm will be lucky for you.virgo
libraLIBRA: Today you find yourself relying on your spiritual beliefs in order to give you guidance in life. Neptune in Pisces has you feeling spiritually inclined today. You may even call on a person with a religious affiliation to give you some advice on matters about which you are confused. You can rely on this advice today as it will be given with the best of intentions.
SCORPIO: Today you find that a social contact has unexpectedly become an important and strategic professional contact for you, says Neptune in Pisces. This person could actually help you in your career. Use the relaxed nature of your relationship to build rapport and strengthen the possibilities for a professional association. Remember, you never know when a relationship is going to come in handy, so always nurture them. Place red flowers in the west of your home to invite good fortune and positivity in your life. 4 pm to 5 pm is indicated to be lucky for you.scorpio
sagittariusSAGITTARIUS: SNeptune in Pisces nudges you to keep your ego aside and take the help of someone wise. Taking the guidance of one of your mentors to help you sort out any pending issues or confusions you have been suffering from lately will not only help you solve the issue but also cement your bond with him or her. You have tried to clear up these matters for long enough and it is time to seek the advice of someone who knows you and cares about you. You must ensure the completion of any pending matters and take important decisions today itself. 11.45 am to 1.30 pm is a good time for any decision making.
CAPRICORN: Today it is likely that some important decisions may need to be taken by you, either on the domestic, work or social fronts, says Neptune in Pisces. Any important decision should be taken after weighing the pros and cons of the matter. So that you don`t make your decisions in haste, this would also be an exceptional day for researching, studying, or making headway on a complicated project. 3.30 pm to 4.45 pm is the luckiest time of the day for you. Number 10 is indicated to be auspicious for you, so try using this number in whichever form possible today.capricorn
aquariusAQUARIUS: You will make contact with some important people today, indicates Neptune in Pisces. This will most probably be due to your work. Make sure you put your best foot forward in order to make a great first impression. Perhaps, wearing something in light blue may serve that purpose. Someone influential may be able to help you advance in your career or in another area of your life. Hand out your business cards at the first opportunity and be very positive in how you put yourself forward. You are indicated to meet someone important during 2.15 pm to 3.15 pm.
PISCES: With Neptune in Pisces, the conditions are ripe for disharmony, which is why you need to be aware of the possibility of arguments occurring in the many different circumstances, such as between friends or co-workers. Pisces, try to tread lightly today, but also don`t let anyone bully you if you feel like you are being taken advantage of. The key today is managing how you respond to conflict, and trying to handle every situation with maturity. Taking a stroll in peaceful surroundings or cultivating your hobbies will help you counteract the negative influence of the planetary event.“>pisces