Horoscope for 5 October 2014


If You Were Born Today, October 5 :

You have a strong sense of karma and tend to watch what you do and say as a result. You are responsible and caring, although not always patient when others around you are not doing their fair share. You are not a big risk taker, but you are not lacking in ambition either. You do slowly but surely work hard and push forward. You tend to be orderly and organized, or at the very least strive to be.

aries ARIES: Pluto in Capricorn is a good time to plan for your future. If you are a student and are considering your various academic options for furthering your education, today is a day to get yourself organized. Lay out all your different options in a chart and identify their strengths and weaknesses.If you are working, map out all your responsibilities before something falls through the cracks and slips away from you. Get a handle on it all today. 5 pm to 6 pm is lucky for you.
TAURUS: Your attitude towards life, may undergo a sea change today due to Pluto moving into Capricorn. You are likely to be drawn towards things that are practical and rational. A situation or experience has the potential to change you today and as a result you will see benefits from this change in outlook. Others will also appreciate the new you.This may be the beginning of a new chapter in your life where you realize your dreams. The north brings you good news and luck. 8 pm to 10 pm is indicated to be your lucky time.taurus
geminiGEMINI: As Pluto is in Capricorn, you should avoid being too intensely involved in situations beyond your control. Getting too personal will only make things seem worse than they are. Your task will get accomplished after facing some struggle and obstacles anyway. Therefore, maintain your patience and courage and for the time, let things be. Try to just be observant at times and not judge or jump to conclusions too quickly. Meditation will help keep your mind calm; 7 am to 8 am is perfect for it. Number 1 is lucky for you today.
CANCER: Pluto in Capricorn awakens your benevolent side. Cancer, you are in a benevolent mood and want to help someone in need. Do a kind act for someone else. You will find that working against negative emotions within yourself will not only improve your relations with others but will in turn make you feel happier. Today is the perfect day to take your beloved out to a romantic gateway, it will cement your relationship and help clear any misunderstandings. The best time would be 5.45 pm to 7.45 pm. Wear violet for love and romance.cancer
leoLEO: The Moon in Aries brings you in the spotlight today. Leo, you are someone who automatically gets the support of everyone around but the positive energies of the planetary event heighten your popularity in your social circle. In fact, you may not know it but a lot of people look up to you and like the way you conduct yourself. It is totally your responsibility now to not do anything that would tarnish your image. Steer clear of your rivals who might try to sabotage your reputation. 6 pm to 7 pm is indicated to be lucky for you.
VIRGO: As Pluto is in Capricorn, it causes you to feel a bit lethargic today. If you are not careful you are likely to miss some deadlines today, cautions astroYogi astrologers. Scorpio, take this possibility into account, if you are working on any important documents such as an application for a job, school program or scholarship. Finish your documents early in case any problems crop up unexpectedly. Do not let the little obstacles that crop up on a day like today to get in the way of your goals. The best time would be 2 pm to 3 pm.virgo
libraLIBRA: Intellectual pursuits and matters of the mind will be very active today, says Pluto in Capricorn. Acquiring new skills and knowledge will boost your spirits and make you more confident about yourself. Whether you are a student or a professional, anything you undertake today to improve your thinking and increase your clarity of mind will help to sharpen your intellectual and mental faculties for a long time to come. Turquoise is lucky for you. Avoid new endeavours today. 6.25 pm to 7.10 pm is lucky for you.
SCORPIO: Pluto in Capricorn urges you to understand yourself on a deeper level. Scorpio, you have probably been working very hard lately and this has resulted in an overtired mind and body. Stop and think about the things that give you happiness but you have been deliberately depriving yourself of in your quest for professional success. Try going for a walk or reading a book today to sooth your mind for a while.scorpio
sagittariusSAGITTARIUS: Peace of mind eludes you as problems begin to mount one after the other. But don’t worry Sagittarius, though this is not one of the best periods of your life it will soon be over. Pluto in Capricorn causes you to be irritated at the slightest of things. The solution is to tackle one thing at a time. If that is not possible, take the help of those you can trust and seek help from them. Problems always come and go and this will pass sooner than you think. You can turn to spirituality and meditation as a way to reclaim your peace of mind.
CAPRICORN: Pluto in Capricorn helps you touch base with your spiritual side. Today may find you heading out on a religious pilgrimage as you are interested in such adventures. You will be feeling spiritually inclined today and may be evaluating the role of religion in your life. Pursue these interests as they will bring you joy and fulfillment inside. Northeast is predicted to be beneficial for health. 7 am to 8.15 am should be devoted to religious pursuits.capricorn
aquariusAQUARIUS: Aquarius, respect, recognition, money and growth come to you in great quantities today. You`re in a good position now to put your ideas into action. You should feel very satisfied with the direction of your life as it currently is and you can use your contacts and your influence to make good changes for yourself, your organisation and for others. But, remember, don`t let pride get the better of you! 4.15 pm to 5.45 pm will be a good time for new partnerships and business ventures. Number 3 will be lucky for you.
PISCES: Today will be a nice day for your family as you will all be inclined to spend time together, owing to the positive forces of Pluto in Capricorn. Family togetherness is strongly indicated at this time. Perhaps you wander around the mall or go see a movie together but you will probably just want to be in each other`s company. Use today to show children how much the family unit means in life. 5 pm to 7 pm is the luckiest hour of the day.“>pisces
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