Horoscope 7-7-2014


If You Were Born Today, July-7 : You are excellent at putting ideas into action and working hard for what you want in life. Recognitionmay at times make you feel uncomfortable or shy, but quiet recognition is a true motivator for you. You have a respectable, authoritative air about you. You can be a real worrier at times, but worry in healthy doses when achieved helps you to plan effectively. At times, you can be stubborn and a little controlling. Certainly, you often feel that one person is better than a group to get a jobdone. You are a builder and enjoy taking the lead, quietly. Famous peopleborn today: Gustav Mahler, Ringo Starr, Pierre Cardin, Shelley Duvall, Michelle Kwan.

aries ARIES: Today may find you hitting the dance floor with your friends as you are inclined to be very social at this time. This is a busy time for you socially as friends are dropping when you least expect them. Welcome them with open arms as their company will be a great stress reliever and you will be able to reminisce and laugh about old times.
TAURUS: Your relationship with your family is warm and empathetic. You have worked hard on your relationship and just need to keep it that way. Things look bright for you, as you are there for each other in times of need. Why don`t you go out with your loved ones and spend some time together – a movie or a picnic perhaps? Consider buying them a small gift to show your appreciation of their support.taurus
geminiGEMINI: Authority figures will be helpful to you today. Be open to your superiors about the problems you are facing and discuss how the atmosphere of the office can be changed to bring in positivity. Demanding or forcing them to listen will not help. Mutual co-operation will bring results.
CANCER: Today may find you feeling slightly uneasy about life but you are not sure why. You may suffer from low-level anxiety today but can rest assured that it will pass. You are in a temporary period of insecurity but you are sure to feel stable and secure again soon. These fears are merely small bumps in an otherwise smooth road.cancer
leoLEO: Today you may find that people from a different city or even a country feature prominently in your life. Friends who live abroad could invite you to visit and/or work contacts abroad may want to develop their association with you. Use this opportunity to strengthen your ties and expand your horizons globally.
VIRGO: Bonding that you do with a close friend will bring you happiness today. Your efforts towards sorting out any small animosities have taken effect and your relationship turns for the better! This is a time to reminisce about the good old times and to add to those happy memories. Cherish the time that you get to spend together.virgo
libraLIBRA: Respect, recognition, money and growth come to you in great quantities today. You`re in a good position now to put your ideas into action. You should feel very satisfied with the direction of your life as it currently is and you can use your contacts and your influence to make good changes for yourself, your organisation and for others. But, remember, don`t let pride get the better of you!
SCORPIO: Today you may feel like breaking out of your shell and taking some risks! You may want to make significant leaps forward in many areas of your life, including in your relationship and in your career or you may feel like doing something as adventurous as skydiving! Choose whichever path suits you today and go for it. You are sure to see some gains by stepping out of your comfort zone.scorpio
sagittariusSAGITTARIUS: This day will be full of adventure and excitement. You will get a long-awaited break from your daily routine and will find this to be a day to recharge your batteries and refresh your mind and body. What are you waiting for? Go out and have some fun! Whether it is a long walk with a friend, a scenic trek or an amusement park ride, let your hair down and have a blast.
CAPRICORN: You may get a helping hand today when someone influential may help you solve a problem you have been stuck on. Do not be afraid to utilise this bit of assistance to your advantage; it has come your way for a reason. Pick that one tricky area you have been stuck on and try to make some headway on it today. Pull in all your resources to achieve that breakthrough you have been hoping for!capricorn
aquariusAQUARIUS: A party or a gathering at your home is indicated today. This will be a chance for you to forget some of your cares and worries and just enjoy time with those who are closest to you. Release all tension from your mind and allow yourself to just relax. You will feel rejuvenated because of it.
PISCES: Today you are likely to feel more spiritually inclined than usual. You may be interested in visiting a particular place that is of spiritual or religious importance to you with your family. You may just find yourself thinking your spiritual or religious beliefs and about your place in the world. The time you spend thinking about spiritual aspects today will be valuable.pisces
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