If You Were Born Today, December 12:  IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY, your horoscope tells that your year ahead will be serious, a time for reflection about what you need to carry with you into the future. You’ll abandon old attitudes of mind and old ambitions which no longer fire your interest. Money will come your way with less effort than usual. There will be beneficial changes emotionally as well though you’ll need to cope with some upheavals at home or within the family. After mid year you’ll want more travel and adventure.


ariesARIES: You like to think of yourself as ethical, with above average integrity. You have become a bit of an armchair philosopher recently, but can sometimes sound slightly self-righteous. Keep asking the questions and remember the more you know, the more you realise how little you know. Serious about educating yourself in a general sense, you are taking pride in your sharp mind, and getting resentful if you are not given the recognition that you feel your ideas or your work deserves. 
TAURUS: This is no time to raise loans or get into debt. Credit will not be easily forthcoming or you might get to resent the obligations of paying it back. It is only a temporary phase but one where you are thrown back on your own resources. Your love life may be suffering at an intimate level because you’re wary of getting into the depths of your feelings. You’re beginning to understand what is holding you back from real relating. That is the first step to more intimacy.taurus
geminiGEMINI:Certain close partners may have become more critical and be demanding more of your time and energy. You are certainly being made aware of your commitments. But success should be coming also for your past efforts at work. Now could be a time of recognition and solid promotion. You’ll be serious about your responsibilities in close relationships at work or at home. It may not all be wild ecstasy, indeed at times it feels a slog, but your efforts will be rewarded.
CANCER: Hard work may be needed to get your health in optimum shape but you can do it. You are amazed at how conscientious you have become recently, much better with detail, quite the perfectionist. You are really becoming good at specialist work, which is practical and methodical. Your body probably needs especial care, since you are over-worrying and that can communicate itself to your digestive system. Find ways of winding down, and de-stressing. Take up deep breathing exercises, or just chill out more often.cancer
leoLEO: This is not a time to speculate wildly or gamble. You will need to draw back from some of your wilder impulses. You may be finding it difficult to really let rip. You tend to be cautious and restrained in games and leisure activities. You seem to be trying too hard to keep your emotions in control. Maybe you should learn to let your hair down, to be the centre of attention when you’re not working. Accept that you can be loved and valued for being yourself.
VIRGO: In the time ahead you may feel it is a struggle to establish a warm, happy, secure home life for yourself. Hard work always pays off here. You’ll get what you want if you persevere. At times you feel your home life is harder work than work, but you do want a more organised set up. You do need to learn to let down your guard and trust intimacy more. Letting your emotions flow will help with your closest relationships.virgo
libraLIBRA: With Saturn now in Sagittarius, you’re thinking clearly, talking in a well-organised way, and are taking a really practical interest in what is going on around you. Problem solving has become a real interest for you. It may be sensible to think or even write seriously about matters that interest you. Learning new subjects may be hard work, but the effort will be rewarded. You may feel there is a barrier to overcome when talking to workmates, neighbours, or brothers and sisters.
SCORPIO: Others may call you miserly, but you know that hoarding makes survival sense. You will limit your purchases to what is essential and has value. You have to be sensible about cash now, but maybe you also need to find trust in the bounty of the universe to let go control. Money like all energy needs to be able to flow. Hang on too tightly and you can stop it coming to you. You won’t be content unless your financial affairs are in order.scorpio
sagittariusSAGITTARIUS: Self-discipline and patience are the essential lessons of Saturn now in your own sign for a couple of years ahead but beware a tendency to look at life from the most negative point of view. Be persevering and do no try to take short cuts. Life will reward you the harder you try though you must find time for relaxation as well as serious endeavours. Otherwise you could end up feeling a loner, having to make your way in the world unaided.
CAPRICORN: Don’t let yourself feel lonely or isolated. Maybe you do sense a lack of support especially at work, but there are changes ongoing within you which need time to come to the surface. Keep pruning out what you reckon is inessential. You are clearing the decks of whatever you don’t need for the future. You may hold back now from really examining what is going on inside you or indeed exploring your past, since you are wary of finding out what lies below the surface.capricorn
aquariusAQUARIUS: In the time ahead you won’t always find it easy to make friends. You have to work at it whereas before it came easily. There is a reserve that you find it difficult to break down on first meeting, though once you have been around a while, people recognise your good qualities and loyalty. You’ll be serious in your commitments, but sometimes find group activities or friendships test your patience. Your sense of reserve may be off-putting to more spontaneous or sentimental types.
PISCES: Your work ambitions are the most important thing in your life. Status and respectability are vital to your self esteem now so you will redouble your efforts to gain the praise of those whose judgement you really trust. There is no short cut to achievement. It will come now through perseverance, self control and self discipline but you will gain the esteem and respect of other people. There is a real chance that your reputation will be solidly established now.pisces

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

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