If You Were Born Today, December 12:  IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY, your horoscope tells that your year ahead will be chatty, intense, sociable at times and quite determined at others. You will take time out to decide what you want to clear out of your life that no longer holds your interest. Money will come in easily in unexpected ways and there will also be positive changes emotionally. Though there’ll also be some disruptions and changes at home or within the family. From mid-year you’ll be flying high and finding more adventure.


ariesARIES: You need to write down all the brilliant inspirations you have, because you’ll promptly forget them. They tend to fly in one ear and out the other. The main thing to remember is that Pluto around now changes life. It tries to get rid of things that are no longer any use to you, so it may be that old and outworn beliefs are being shifted out of your life. You could also be pushing like mad, pointing out to others where they are going wrong.
TAURUS: You tend to race around so fast that you don’t step back to sort out your think-ing. There may be muddle if you go cutting corners and don’t allow yourself to think things through. You will get a little too busy, busy, busy. Maybe you’ll be looking too much on the dark side now seeing only problems and losing your normal optimism. It may be that travel plans get blocked or other situations irritate and frustrate you. Try to ease up a little and laugh more.taurus
geminiGEMINI:There will be new people, lots of excitement and interest around. You’re curious to experience new things and in the mood to explore, experiment and be inventive. You may get so wrapped up in one tiny obsessive detail that you won’t see the wood for the trees. What’ll be said today by yourself or others will be important, but everyone will seem a little bit gridlocked. No one will want to compromise, partly because they feel they might be humiliated if they give way.
CANCER: Try to concentrate on things that require a focussed kind of mental energy. You tend to jump to conclusions, and your judgement may not be that great. You’ll be determined to get to the bottom of one emotional problem which has been niggling at you and will be pushing hard to persuade others round to whatever it is you want them to think. Try not to get so fixed and so rigid about seeing things the way they are that you can’t see any alternative.cancer
leoLEO: You’ll be thinking about a huge number of things, but take it one at a time. If you let your thoughts get too scattered, they will chase each other around your head. Then you end up going in circles. Mercury, the communication planet is close to Pluto now and what it can do is make you get a little too pushy or forceful about trying to bring everyone round to your viewpoint. If you can step back and be a little more detached, then it will work better.
VIRGO: Saying things that startle other people, can sometimes shock them into awareness, but it can also have the opposite effect. It maybe the truth, but it is just important that you don’t ruffle their feathers so much that they stop listening. Informing and educating needs to be done with an entertaining smile. You’ll have a great love of mystery, wanting to find out what’s going on in the deep, dark and secret corners, but it’s important that you sort out your own secrets before probing into anyone else’svirgo
libraLIBRA: You need to put a brake on your plans since you’ll be too impatient about certain things. With a little bit more discipline, more care you will achieve so much more. Companions won’t catch up with you or understand you clearly because you’re going so fast. Sometimes you can get a little bit frustrated because you’ll feel you’re not getting your own way. You’ll tend to get a little manipulative which can backfire. Watch you’re not trying to twist loved ones around too much.
SCORPIO: You’re likely to be seeing things in too direct a way. Other people don’t always appreciate the blunt, honest truth so tone down your comments. You don’t mean them to hurt, but you may not be aware of their effect. What you are learning today you are learning at a much deeper level than usual. You’ll not be superficial, or interested in anything that is too frivolous. Just watch that you’re not forcing your viewpoint on others or becoming too compulsive.scorpio
sagittariusSAGITTARIUS: Speaking too hastily may mean slower witted companions get bamboozled and bewildered because they aren’t able to keep up with you. Either find mates who are as sharp as you, or collect your wits before leaping into discussions. You’ll be able to solve difficult puzzles in your emotional life and elsewhere now, but down go so far down into the depths you end up only looking on the bleak side. Try to stay with one foot on the surface, and one foot deep down.
CAPRICORN: Don’t get ahead of yourself. Thoughts flash through your head at such speed, you can’t keep track of things. It’s not a time to try to settle down to boring, practical, routine chores, because your boredom threshold will be low. Stay witty, flexible and tolerant, and you’ll be highly persuasive. If you become too obsessed with what’s go-ing on, you won’t see the wood for the trees and will get everything out of proportion. Stand back and remember there’s an upside as well as a downside..capricorn
aquariusAQUARIUS: It’s important not to sound too uncooperative or intolerant. You have an edge about you that may come across as criticism, though you don’t mean it that way. You want to give everything a great shake up, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea. It’ll be important not to get too dogmatic or self-righteous or get yourself too wound up. Sometimes you’ll speak in a way that others find slightly difficult to take. They’ll feel that you’re push-push-pushing and may not take kindly to it
PISCES: There are very stimulating, if not slightly over stimulating influences around. In particular Uranus, which can at times be a bit disruptive and over-speeded-up. Mercury is now close to Pluto so today will be a rather deep-thinking kind of day where you’ll be talking about everything intensely. You’ll be digging below the surface into the depths so you’ll have a penetrating quality about you. Others may be rather unsettled because of the direct and searching way in which you ask questions.pisces

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

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