If You Were Born Today, February 12,  2015


IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY, according to your horoscope  your  year ahead will be fast moving, quite scattered at times, never boring, but you’ll need to stay on top of detail and streamline your efficiency. Money will come in through your stalwart efforts but back out again just as quickly since you’ll be tempted by extravagances. Try to find a balance. Friends may be fewer in number than before but the ones around will be loyal and trustworthy. You’ll focus ahead and sort out longer term plans.


ariesARIES: Your emotions are easily stirred at the moment. Maybe you are harbouring old unspoken resentments, about some hurts from the past. This will make you worry and brood and it won’t help. You may not be in a position to act like a warrior but you do have more subtlety and sensitivity than others. And you really won’t mind sacrificing yourself on occasion to good causes. Your intuition should be working well. Find quiet time to re-centre yourself and shut out distracting influences.
TAURUS:  For the next few weeks with energetic Mars in your chart area of friends and future hopes, you will want to throw your energy wholeheartedly into all manner of team efforts in a highly optimistic way. What you secretly (or not always so secretly) yearn for is to be applauded by everyone around. This is your peak time of year where work or community activities are concerned so recognition is likely as you strive hard to get your talents out on display.
geminiGEMINI:  Right now you are hugely ambitious, very determined and intend to work harder than before to gain your ends. Try to sweep others up in your enthusiasm rather than trying to force them into line. Your easy way with words will help you do it. You’ll be thinking and talking about loftier topics than usual since your wide ranging mind is attracting you to new ideas. You’ll be promoting your pet causes to all and sundry with a great deal of evangelical zeal.
CANCER:  Your mind will be more active than usual and you are curious to learn more about almost everything. Anyone who disagrees with you will have a fight on their hands as you defend your position with vigour and vehemence. Remember that gentle persuasion often works better than brute force. You are feeling strong, secretive, determined more than usual at the moment. You will not readily divulge what you are thinking, feeling or planning to any but your nearest and most intimate partners.cancer
leoLEO:  Where money is concerned you want to make more in partnership with others so you are trying hard to co-operate. Though it won’t always be easy. Just be patient and firm, insisting everyone plays fair. Maybe you’ll feel slightly more vulnerable than usual with the Sun in your opposite sign, but there’s support around if you look. Ask for what you need, but be prepared to compromise as well, since relationships always mean give and take. Find reliable mates on whom you can lean.
VIRGO:   Don’t project your anger onto others and make yourself feel badly done by. Stand up for yourself, and take control. It’ll take an effort since you’ll much prefer to adapt round difficulties. But sometimes being upfront is what is required. Be firm and tactful. Treat your body like a machine that needs the right treatment, good fuel and maintenance stops along the way. You need to be fit to crack on through the chores that are piling up in front of you.virgo
libraLIBRA: A real party animal at the moment you will be playing spontaneously and not settling down to dull, routine chores or following orders too easily. Feeling happy go lucky, outgoing and romantic, you want to allow your exuberance out on display as much as possible. Though when you set your mind to it, you will approach certain projects which fire your enthusiasm and determination. You will have an eye for detail and take a good deal of pride in doing a task well.
SCORPIO:  Your life is moving a little faster but you must feel everything you do expresses your real personality before you will settle to any kind of routine. You yearn to feel rooted, as if you belonged to a familiar place and to the people who make you feel most relaxed. You may also now have a chance to work out how best to improve your intimate surroundings. What you want is a beautiful home with an atmosphere of taste, elegance and comfort.scorpio
sagittariusSAGITTARIUS:  Certain pet projects will be frustrating since slow progress is likely while Mars stays in Pisces. But it won’t last long, so don’t feel a failure just recognise that achievements will come a little later on. Learn patience! More letters and phone calls than usual are keeping you on your toes, and a good many short distance trips will be keeping boredom well at bay. You may be skimming the surface and cutting corners, since there will be less time for detail than usual.
CAPRICORN: You will be thinking fast, and perhaps speaking sharply at times. At the moment you will have a more cutting tongue than usual and not be suffering fools or slowcoaches gladly. Remember everyone walks in their own pace. The key thing at the moment is to learn the lessons of handling cash successfully. Maybe you are flashing it around a little too extravagantly to boost your self esteem. You will want to impress everyone around, but try to save for security as well.capricorn
aquariusAQUARIUS:  Having solid results to show for your efforts is always important to you and you won’t be shy about demanding your rights or stating your worth. You will be spending larger sums than usual. This is your birthday month so you fully intend to suit yourself. This is the time to lay down plans for the next 12 months. You’ll need to work out what will suit you, get cracking with plans and once you’ve got yourself together, you can concentrate on close relationships.
PISCES: Straight ahead is your motto of the moment, and if obstacles or people get in your way, you’ll get impatient, sweeping them to one side, not always diplomatically. Try adding a veneer of tact since that can be a faster way of getting your own way since you will ruffle fewer feathers, and arouse less resistance. Though at times you may feel happier in your own company than usual, and can be a touch overwhelmed by too many people around, so give yourself space.pisces

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

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