If You Were Born Today, February 13,  2015


IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY, according to your horoscope  your  year ahead will be socially self confident, busy, chatty and restless. You may find certain friendships or team relationships trickier to handle than usual. You’ll need to put in effort to get the co-operation you need. Luckily one close partner will be offering support and boosting your morale. You’ll need to get better organised and manage your time well. Find time also for quiet reflection as you ponder how to put the past at peace.


aries ARIES: You will be hard working and rather reserved when it comes to emotional matters at the moment. Just don’t under value your contribution since what you are doing may not be spectacular but it will be worthwhile. Soften your attitudes to yourself and loved ones. What you sometimes lack at the moment is optimism. When you get gloomy, remember you could be taking a rather narrow viewpoint. Saturn is around which can make you doubting or suspicious. That damps down your enthusiasm and spontaneity.
TAURUS:  You can be more settled if you have thought things through more carefully. Just watch you are not too sugary sweet and sentimental. You could be untidy and rather careless. The answers to problems may be slow in coming but perseverance will pay off. You’re getting more irked at the moment about lazy, sloppy or unmotivated mates. You can be quite a hard taskmaster if you have authority over others, since you don’t understand why everyone doesn’t share your commitment to getting things done.
gemini GEMINI:  The Moon is in easy aspect to Uranus so your moods will be lively and unpredictable, and you won’t sit still for long. You will be skipping around looking for entertaining conversations, wanting to swap new ideas, and generally be off doing anything that is not routine. Saturn is in your opposite sign now which rules personal relationships, so you are tending to be around older, more career oriented partners. Perhaps you are also finding added responsibilities being landed on you in some way.
CANCER:  Don’t sit behind a brick wall, since others will feel you are too self sufficient or self contained, and not offer help. Maybe you could try to break the ice by expressing your feelings more openly though it will not be easy. You pride yourself on being never pushy but always there. Though you are tending to be rather negative at times in your approach, rarely praising but always find flaws to criticise in yourself and others. Stop nit picking and enjoy more. cancer
leo LEO:  You are likely to over indulge and expand with the current influences around. You’ll need to work harder at the moment to release your creative talents as there seems to be a damper on self expression. You do have to watch a tendency to turn everything into a chore. Maybe you should not try so hard to keep your emotions in control. Learn to be the centre of attention when you aren’t working. Accept that you can be loved and valued for being yourself.
VIRGO:   Don’t project your anger onto others and make yourself feel badly done by. Stand up for yourself, and take control. It’ll take an effort since you’ll much prefer to adapt round difficulties. But sometimes being upfront is what is required. Be firm and tactful. Treat your body like a machine that needs the right treatment, good fuel and maintenance stops along the way. You need to be fit to crack on through the chores that are piling up in front of you. virgo
libra LIBRA: You want excitement, stimulation and some challenge to hold your interest. Expect the unexpected and you will not be disappointed. If there is a whiff of jealousy or control in the air you will be off, since you have no intention of treading anyone else’s line. You are laying down strict rules and regulations for yourself, and for those who share your home. Just don’t get too rigid about everything. Life needs a little relaxation and even sloppiness around to make it feel comfortable.
SCORPIO:  Maybe you are having to push yourself to resolve certain practical or business problems around your home or family. Or you are having to face up to certain realities in your emotional life. Try to understand that your insecurity about being short of money is, in part, an over rigid attitude. You could let go slightly without going bankrupt overnight. Just be sensible about cash. But maybe you also need to find trust in the bounty of the universe to let go control scorpio
sagittarius SAGITTARIUS:  The Moon in flowing aspect to Jupiter puts you in an amiable humour. You will want to smooth down rough edges, and make everything around as pleasant and comfortable as possible. You’ll notice a ray of sunshine around home and in your emotional relationships to keep you glowing. You are tough with a great deal of endurance, stamina and dogged persistence. Sticking out difficult situations is your great strength now though you may find it more difficult to be flexible, or softening your approach.
CAPRICORN: There could well be a sparkle in your eye at the moment since a small adventure beckons. You will definitely be in a mood for anything that gets you away from boring chores and tedious routines. Yet at the same time you seem to have a serious understanding of the suffering of others, and can really work hard to relieve it in a practical way. Though it also tends to make you live too much in the past, worrying over old slights and hurts. capricorn
aquarius AQUARIUS:  With the Moon at odds with Neptune you may find just briefly that there is a rather peculiar atmosphere at home or in close relationships. Neptune always casts a smokescreen around so you will not be clear what is real and what is fantasy. You may be less gregarious or sociable than usual, but the friends you can call on are the really loyal, steadfast ones. Just recognise that you are learning valuable lessons about what true friendship is all about.
PISCES: Just for a while, you may feel gloomy and cut off from affectionate support since duty will definitely get in the way of pleasure. It always seems that there is too much work around and very little love and nurturing. Though loved ones do find you reliable and conscientious even if a touch over serious about your responsibilities. Maybe things aren’t moving too fast, but you are going towards a slow, but steady rise to success, if you stick to the straight and narrow. pisces

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr