If You Were Born Today, February 20,  2015

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY,You’ll tend to see the downside now being too focused on a loved one’s flaws. You may be right, but it’s not very tactful to point them out. No surprise that communication might be difficult with barriers between you. Try not to be too distanced from your special other. You will be working extra hard now to improve your understanding of the world. You are perhaps also struggling to find new spiritual beliefs in life, since your old outlook doesn’t hold the same appeal any more.


ariesARIES: In coming weeks you’ll be fiery, headstrong and not always sensible. Stopping to think will be less easy than usual. But try not to rush in where angels fear to tread. Companions will admire your bravery though they may question your common sense. You may be a touch tactless but you are getting things done. Flamboyantly direct and shamelessly charming, you are on good form, even quite competitive when it comes to winning your heart’s desire. However, your mood is quickly swinging from hot to indifferent.
TAURUS:  Not in a competitive mood, you may sometimes fail to take the decisive step which would win you the argument, but you are happy to hand credit elsewhere. Your energy needs to be channelled behind the scenes in sensitive ways, into helping or caring for others, or into creative ventures. You really want love to be like the movies, all bliss and no rough edges. Wouldn’t we all? Don’t allow your dreams to make you too dissatisfied with reality.
geminiGEMINI: Your dynamic energy will go into making sure everyone is pulling in the same direction. You will be independent but happy to be around friends as long as everyone is tolerant. You will get irritated by anyone who tries to take your freedom away from you. Don’t hide away your oddball streak, since you will be all the more loved because of your originality. Your friendship circle is wider than usual at the moment, with enough exciting and different personalities around to suit your every mood.
CANCER:  For a few weeks your dynamic energy is not being channelled into work and achieving your ambitions. You will aim to gain a more solid reputation and will jealously guard your position. Don’t forget your feelings in order to succeed. Just check out your self-esteem. Somehow, you feel you have to earn being accepted at the moment. Only by being successful will you be valued. Understand you are loveable for just being you. If other people can’t see that, they are not worth having around.cancer
leoLEO: You will head straight to the heart of the matter and could be candid to the point of bluntness. Your direct honesty can be unnerving to more sensitive, thin-skinned companions. Don’t try to force others into accepting your viewpoint. You won’t want to be petty or devious. You have an urge to be free, so you dislike interference. Even if you can’t travel instantly to exotic places with loved ones, you can dream and plan. Your heart is yearning for far blue horizons and paradise beaches.
VIRGO:   Deeply secretive, you will be plotting and planning how to get your own way. You will not easily forgive and forget if anyone lets you down. Your passions are running hot and strong. Maybe you are keeping them well hidden, but you are definitely looking for an adventurous emotional life. Whatever or whoever you have in mind, you will plot and plan to make your dreams come true. It is all or nothing with you at the moment where your emotional life is concerned.virgo
libraLIBRA: Even your nearest and dearest will seem rather outspoken at times, so you may have to keep the peace. When you do decide to take a stand, you will be clear, cool and cutting. You will be cross with companions who act unfairly and appear to get away with it. Socially, you are on top form, charming the birds off the trees and feeling extremely popular. You will say what you think will please, not necessarily what you think or feel, which could make you seem insincere.
SCORPIO:  You tend to throw your emotional needs into work and can be a little stand-offish on social occasions. Others find you reserved but do not always realise quite how shy or even pre-occupied you really are. You will be throwing yourself energetically into getting better organised, and getting things right. Ease up and accept imperfections, both your own and others. You will achieve a good deal of fine quality, though you rarely blow your own trumpet, preferring instead to take pride in a job well done.scorpio
sagittariusSAGITTARIUS:  Romantically upfront, you will head for what you want, and will not be backward about stating your fancy. You may be a little accident prone since you are feeling more reckless than usual, looking for adventure. Try not to boss loved ones around since they will not take it kindly. You may have twitches of jealousy or possessiveness if loved ones look the other way. Your feelings are running more strongly now, which can be heart-warming, though it can also make you demanding.
CAPRICORN: Don’t let other people criticise you and don’t let yourself criticise others, because Saturn has a nasty habit of thinking it’s being realistic when in fact what’s happening is it’s looking only to the flaws. You need to keep an eye to the upside as well as the downside at the moment. Coming to grips with your martyr complex is vital for your sense of well-being and enjoyment. You can weigh friends down with your emotional problems if you’re not careful.capricorn
aquariusAQUARIUS:  Home is where your heart is and you adore nothing more than being on your own territory, surrounded by the family and close friends. Entertaining � maison suits you better than being out and about at social events. You will be great at rebuilding, do-it-yourself, reorganising and generally racing around to maintain order. But you may also come across as bossy at home, and over intense, so you can turn your intimate surroundings into a bit of a battlefield.
PISCES: You will be more stubborn than usual, slow to make decisions, and maybe also irritable when you eventually blow a fuse. Your patience will give you the strength to push for what you want over a longish period. No one will easily push you off track once you know where you are aiming. Your staying power is greater than usual, and others will find you dependable. You are wallowing slightly in your senses now, adoring good food and drink and sensuous clothes.

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be fast moving, charming and passionately enthusiastic about making and spending money. Try to find a balance and save some of the results of your efforts. Hard work will be inevitable but if you shoulder your responsibilities conscientiously then you’ll be rewarded with praise from those whose judgement you trust. Friendships will be more intense not always easy to handle lightly. After mid-year one close partnership will blossom.

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