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Horoscope for 07th April: Is today your Lucky day?

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Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES:If you’ve been rather under-confident lately, the expansive influences around now will boost you up rather happily. But if you’ve been a touch arrogant then they can send you into thinking that you’re Superman or Superwoman. Close relationships should be easier, though you may have to beware a tendency to take partners too much for granted or indeed to rely totally on their advice which isn’t always realistic. They may be morale boosting, but sometimes wise to take with a pinch of salt.
TAURUS:Put a few limits on your plans and your hopes then you could do well. But if you fly like Icarus in mythology too high towards the Sun you might find you have further to fall. Tensions in relationships at work should be easier. There is more support and encouragement around you. Maybe great success hasn’t arrived yet but you are promised improved job conditions, more praise, maybe even more money. All of which will help you be of practical service to others.
GEMINI:The Sun is now at odds with Jupiter, but nothing will be awkward, as long as you avoid going too over the top. Jupiter is very expansive, rather lazy and a bit given to over-confidence. Pitch your hopes too high, and you have further to fall. But if you can discipline yourself, there’s luck around. Your relationships with children will be much better, or even more fun, it brings out your own inner child to play more spontaneously. Just sparkle in the spotlight.
CANCER:Watch how you go, because you could find that you overdo spending, that you just go off in 75 directions at once and do things that are not entirely sensible. But Jupiter on the whole develops potential, it makes you into something better than perhaps you’ve been. The only thing to watch is it develops everything in life, so if there are some negative things, it can develop those at the same time. A happy home life is top of your wish list.
LEO:A little effort will turn the luck that’s around into something more long lasting and tangible. Definitely in a morale boosting mood and lifting other people’s enthusiasm, you will be chatting happily to everyday companions, gliding through your work routines with less effort than usual. You have an expansive view of joint projects now and are very open minded about other opinions. Knowing a little about many things could be seen as superficial, but it is also an amazingly versatile talent.
VIRGO: Jupiter around always looks for the silver linings. It usually creates a few as well since it’s a fortunate influence. In fact it’s not so much luck, just that your intuition working well, so you end up in the right place at the right moment, saying the right thing. You should be having a good deal of luck financially. But it does sometimes mean that material aims take over too much. Find time to consider what other values there are in your life.
LIBRA:It’s not a time when you will expect to find too many difficulties with other people or with yourself, except for one or two downsides which are spending too much money or being too lazy. Or thinking you’re right about absolutely everything. Your relationships in general are improving and tensions are easing. What’s even better resources could be drawn to you. The only tiny problem could be that you get a little ahead of yourself or above yourself. You’ll get a surge of confidence.
SCORPIO:If you can find some self-discipline, and avoid being careless or lazy then there are rather fortunate influences around that will work for you. You’re likely to be very generous to others, to yourself, slightly extravagant all round. Slowly but surely you are learning to like yourself more. A significant person may be around who will act discreetly as a spiritual guide. Then in turn you can be doing the same for someone else. The best advice will come in the quiet moments.
SAGITTARIUS: You will need to keep your feet a little bit more on the ground, find a little more self discipline. Otherwise you will promise more than you can deliver. Or you can rush in where angels fear to tread and over-extend yourself, taking on far too many commitments. All your group activities should be going with a swing. Your sunny self confidence makes everyone around you feel better, while they in turn give you a sense of better times to come.
CAPRICORN:Maybe you are feeling controlled by people who are very determined to have all the power. Often it is awkward to know how to handle them for the best. The more you push back, sometimes the worse they get and you can end up in unwinnable battles. Be as secure within yourself as you possibly can. Later in the week try to push your pet project a bit further, and you’ll find whatever you touch works out more easily than you expected. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS:If you’ve been rather down lately, and lacking in self-esteem, Jupiter around will do wonders for you. It boosts you up. But if you normally are a bit over the top, this will send you sailing off into the stratosphere. Try to avoid the temptation to think you’re absolutely right about absolutely everything. You will be constantly on the go, seeking more challenging companions who are good conversationalists. You want to pick up new activities or studies which will broaden your mind.

PISCES:You are more than likely going to be feeling cheerful, charming, extravagant, indulgent and very optimistic. Life should get this good. But there can be a little bit of a problem if you’re going to assume that everything is going to work wonderfully well just by luck, without you putting any energy or effort in. Emotionally you are changing faster than you realize. Your intimate relationships are improving as a result. There is a generosity coming your way from the universe.

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