Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.

Horoscope for 1 October, 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be a time to get focussed, decide what you want and what is feasible and then get your plans into gear. Just don’t over commit yourself since your energy won’t be limitless. Luckily your confidence will be high and good luck will be on your side. Tensions at home within the family will be ironed out if you are flexible as well as firm, but don’t allow your freedom to be restricted even if partners object.

ARIES: This is the time to start afresh. Let bygones be bygones. There could even be new romances round the corner for the unattached and on the lookout. There are rather spiritual, sympathetic, compassionate, maybe even creative influences around. You want to cruise along without any kind of rough edges of unpleasantness. Maybe you will manage it and maybe you won’t. But the passing moment of feeling close to the right people, and feeling in tune with your surroundings will be a delight anyway.
TAURUS: Never was there a better time to start a new diet or exercise regime. You can probably muster up the will power and you know you need to boost your stamina and get yourself streamlined for the days ahead. So stick your colours to the mast and get going. Although you will not be very energetic, you will be feeling sympathetic. You really do want to give close companions what they need. You will be very sensitive to the subtle feelings in the atmosphere.
GEMINI: If you’ve been stuck out of sight, and feeling ignored, you have a real chance to get your glad rags on and kick up your heels. Even if you have been socialising more than usual recently, you want to know how to keep that rolling for months and months to come. No one will damp your spirits. Try not to put people on pedestals. You can become disappointed if you expect absolute miracles from others which might just happen with the current influences around.
CANCER: Tuck yourself quietly out of sight, and think about what changes you can make in your life that will bring you more emotional comfort and security over the next 12 months. You want to feel there is a reassuring nest which you can retreat to when the outside world gets too aggravating. If you are creative then you may find yourself more productive than usual. You can turn some of your dreams into reality. Putting your feet up might be a seductive alternative.
LEO: Trying to manage your time better, streamline your efficiency and clear up communication muddles is obviously a high priority. There may be nothing obvious at the moment, but if you take steps early on you can prevent situations blowing up in future. Walk don’t run. Affectionate Venus is now in a very positive and pleasant aspect to dreamy Neptune, so there could be a whiff of romance in the air. It may be all in your head, of course, but enjoyable all the same.
VIRGO: You’ll get new financial plans moving. Not in any very expansive way, just cautiously and steadily. Whatever starts now will bear fruit in future but you have to make the effort and keep your focus. Find time for the finer things of life. Listen to music when you can, or look at art, aim for activities that are going to be pleasant and wind you down. Then you will leap much more enthusiastically back into the fray when you have to get going again.
LIBRA: This is definitely your time to make good resolutions for the time ahead. Decide how you want to change your image to match the person you want to become. Think about changing your wardrobe, hairdo or accessories. Be bold and be yourself. You may find yourself idling the time away at your job, not concentrating on what is under your nose. But you could also find real connections with other people, some bond that you can’t put into words but certainly feels rather good.
SCORPIO: You will have to clear a quiet space for yourself to be aware of what really is beginning now. Maybe it will just be an insight into the past or yourself, which gives you the key to how to change the future. Nothing hugely significant may happen at the moment but you will float your way along rather amiably. Try not to get misled by people. You could get disillusioned and disappointed when you discover they don’t match up to your fantasies.
SAGITTARIUS: There may be a casual encounter with a new acquaintance coming soon. It may not seem important but they could turn into good friends in future if you can be on your toes, and make all the right noises. Make sure you know how to contact them again in a few days time. Try not to let yourself get too diverted from your real priorities, since you may feel rather spaced out. You want to believe the best of everyone around, including yourself.
CAPRICORN: This is the time to sow the seeds of new ideas at work. They may not seem grand and glorious yet, but they’ll bear fruit in future, so start off on the right foot with real commitment. Your romantic life may feel more lovelier than usual, so you are cruising along in good style. Maybe you see companions better than they are. Life through a soft focus lens perhaps? But do you need to see all the flaws? Enjoy your vision while it lasts. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: There are favourable winds behind you urging you on to broaden your horizons in whichever way you chose. There needs to be a way of giving to others that also allows you to be at peace with yourself. You will find that you are being called on to help in some way. Venus and Neptune around are a rather charitable combination, but they can also be low energy. So try to be subtly sensible to other people’s needs without running round in circles.
PISCES: You have to be sure of your facts and sure of your ground, before you move. But if all the details are tied down, then you will be pleased at the result in the days to come. But you are in an indulgent phase and feeling rather lazy. Maybe you’ve got your head so wrapped up in the clouds that you very rarely put iyour feet on the ground. Clearly you will not sink your teeth into major practical chores with any great determination.