Horoscope for 10 Feb 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: Friends are going to be a wonderful connection after hours, but you will also be socialising at work or just soothing and smoothing down difficult situations. This is not a good time to attempt anything too serious or practical or routine. Charm the boss into letting you do less. Just check out your self-esteem. Somehow you feel you have to earn being accepted at the moment. Only by being successful will you be valued. Understand you are loveable for just being you.
TAURUS: You can expect to be feeling good, but not getting too much work done. There will be moments when you feel at peace with the world and want to share your feelings with everyone around. If you can’t travel instantly to exotic places with loved ones, you can always dream. Your heart is definitely yearning for the far blue horizons. Add a touch of the colourful to your social activities, since you want to have more fun in your off duty hours.
GEMINI: You certainly have no intention of doing anything strenuous. Your tendency will be to smooth over problems rather than face up to difficult people and get a grip on things. If there are tricky situations around, you’ll be taking the diplomatic route to finding an answer rather than stamping your foot. Your passions are running hot and strong. Maybe you are keeping them well hidden, but you are definitely looking for an adventurous emotional life. Plot and plan to make your dreams come true.
CANCER: You will be feeling contented, happy-go-lucky, harmonious and rather lazy. It may not last long but the moment will be worth savouring. If anyone around is low or a bit tetchy, you will cheer them up in an instant. Socially you are on top form, charming the birds off the trees and feeling extremely popular. You will say what you think will please, not necessarily what you think or feel, which could make you seem a touch insincere, though you are well intentioned.
LEO: Money could be coming in, but naturally going out rather fast as well. The Venus Jupiter influences around will tend to make you overdo the indulgences, so expect to spend too much or just idle to your heart’s content. You may be indulging slightly more than usual in rich food, and less inclined to take exercise since this is a lazy placing. But at least you should be feeling physically less over stretched, as long as you don’t let your appetite run rampant.
VIRGO:  If you have been backing away from a difficult conversation, now might just be your chance to build bridges and mend fences. You’ll manage to express what you feel without being aggressive or abrasive. So no one can take offence. Just keep smiling amiably and all will be resolved. You may have twitches of jealousy if loved ones look the other way. Your feelings are running more strongly at the moment which can be heart warming though it can also make you demanding.
LIBRA: Maybe you would rather be out with friends, to be on the party trail. But if you are stuck at work, then everything should run more smoothly. OK you will avoid difficulties duck out of arguments and generally head for the easy options but the end result will be a pleasure. More sensitive and emotional than usual, you want happy family relations and a peaceful domestic existence. But you might feel hurt and over react by even the slightest whiff of criticism.
SCORPIO: This is not a time for routine chores, or anything that requires much self-discipline. You don’t want to save money or go on a diet. Much better to let it all hang out, and head for the happy crowd. Companions will be amused to be around you, so there’s no doubting your popularity. Sharing your deeper emotions is not easy though. There is safety and security in numbers for you so you are aiming for a wide social circle, rather than exclusive twosomes.
SAGITTARIUS: There will be moments during the month when you can put your feet up and feel happy-go-lucky. It may be that new love relationships are around, or that old relationships are just feeling a whole lot better. You’re soothing and smoothing and making things much more agreeable than they have been. You are wallowing slightly in your senses now, adoring good food and drink and sensuous clothes. Anything you can do to make yourself feel beautiful will keep you in good spirits.
CAPRICORN: You may be tempted to eat and drink more than usual, since your will power is low and the opportunity presents itself. Very agreeable influences will remove any feeling of being dutiful or conscientious. You may find your waistline expanding a little bit, but you really do not care. Flamboyantly direct and shamelessly charming, you are on good form. Even quite competitive when it comes to winning your heart’s desire. Though your mood is swinging from hot to indifferent fairly quickly. scop-icon-5

IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be discreet rather than flamboyant but you’ll be quietly confident with money coming your way and your closest relationships improving. An exceptionally busy schedule and raised ambitions means you’ll be hard at work, taking direct action to achieve your aims. At times you may be too outspoken or impatient so try to soften your approach. Tried and trusted friends will be around when you need them with sensible advice.

PISCES: It’s very important that you’re not pushed to one side just for a day or so. Ask for what you need, which is more pampering, indulging and feeling comforted. You definitely want to be on the receiving not the giving end. Luckily you will be able to move closer to other people since your barriers are down. This will bring you more sympathy but it will also bring a positively telepathic understanding of close companions. Quiet hunches will prove to be spot on. “>

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