Horoscope for 10th March 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: Put yourself into other people’s shoes when you can. That way you know what you want and what they want as well. There could be a point where you get yourself all stewed up about something that basically isn’t quite as important as you’re making it out to be. With Saturn nearing your mid heaven you may be finding it more difficult to relax. Travel tends at this time to be for work more than pleasure. Or it turns out to involve additional work.
TAURUS: Anything mystical or spiritual will hold your attention since you are tuned into deeper levels of awareness. You will also be very helpful and compassionate as far as other people are concerned. Partners may be less generous than usual, or even a slight financial burden on you at the moment, so you need to take care that you do not carry too many responsibilities for them. Do what you can since it is only a temporary phase but put down definite limits.
GEMINI: It’s not a good idea to make up your mind instantly about one plan until you’ve had a chance to discuss it with everyone around. Too much advice can make you bewildered and a bit confused. But not enough input and you may reach the wrong decisions. Just listen carefully, sift and sort out all the ideas you have been given, and then when the moment is ready, you will know exactly what the options are, what is going to be practical and workable.
CANCER: You will be more emotional in public than usual, which may feel strange, but it lets other people see the more human side of you. So you will attract more sympathy, and at the same time be more sensitive to what’s going on around at work. You do have personal lessons to learn about how best to look after your body and your health at the moment. You cannot afford to over push it as you once did, but must treat yourself sensibly.
LEO: A real attack of the wandering feet now will make it tricky to settle down to anything requiring concentration. But why should you? Let your imagination soar. Your intuition will be working well, so you can look ahead and know a little of what is coming ahead. You are taking a rather dignified approach to your social life these days. You will be steady and reliable rather than wild or adventurous. Don’t stifle the spontaneous expression of your feelings so much.
VIRGO: Be sentimental but don’t hang on too tightly, or dig your heels in too much. You do need certainly to stand firm until you find the answers you are looking for but then let go, roll with the flow. Letting your hair down for sheer enjoyment does seem to happen as often at the moment as it once did. You somehow feel you will not be accepted unless you achieve so you are throwing all your energy into doing rather than being.

Don’t go leaping into a situation too emotionally and then find you don’t really want to see it through to the end, because with the Moon across the zodiac from your sign you can sometimes lose courage about things. It’s a fragile kind of energy. So it will be important to aim yourself towards nice, happy, reassuring mates. You are concentrating on what is essential and practical, and have no intention of wasting words. What you say will be very much to the point.

SCORPIO: It’s a rather self-sacrificing kind of time which means you have to put aside your own need for frivolity and indulgence just to make sure that everyone else is getting what they want. So console yourself with the thought that you will get your rewards in a couple of days. You are learning to be better disciplined, where money and possessions are concerned. You do have a feeling that what you have may be at risk. Don’t always look on the gloomy side.
SAGITTARIUS: Try not to be too possessive. Maybe you do feel like clutching and clinging more than usual, but it won’t be wise. Have your entertainment and enjoyment without pinning close mates down, otherwise they may want to skip off elsewhere. You don’t always get on well at the moment in team situations or under authority figures. You find it tricky to be calm and controlled. You can simmer with resentment and then overstate your case. Try to assert yourself in a steady way.
CAPRICORN: When you get the chance to have a private moment in peace and quiet, you can think about personal matters which have been tucked into the background, maybe mull over the past. If you let things come to the surface in your mind you can really sort them out. You may be imagining all sorts of horrors that are never actually going to happen. What you need is to get more grounded, better organised and hang onto common sense. But life is certainly changing. scop-icon-5

If you can speak to companions in a cooler, more rational way, they’re likely to connect a little bit better. But you’ll be whizzing around at high speed here and there, doing all sorts of things in a very lively kind of way. Check out in advance whether what you’re doing is necessary — sometimes you rush too fast and don’t stop to slow down and think things through. The people you chose as friends may be older or more career oriented during this time.

PISCES: IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be hard-working, practical, self-disciplined and a time when you’ll be making crucial decisions about your future. Just take your time and don’t be rushed into commitments that don’t suit you. Your finances will be unpredictable for a few months and then flourishing in ways you didn’t expect. Generous presents of cash, bonuses or money from unexpected sources will make you feel more secure. You’ll be moving into better times.

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