Horoscope for 11th April 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: Once in a while you have to stand back and try to come to a few conclusions before you leap back out again. You could be misunderstand, since you are speaking in a rather emotional way. Others respect your sincerity, since they know your heart’s in the right place, even if they won’t always totally understand you. Don’t expect others to do your work for you. You may also over eat slightly to make yourself feel more loved, or be spending more on yourself.
TAURUS: Sort out your priorities and decide what really is of value to you. Clearly with the Moon around in Gemini you might be tempted to think that money is the only thing that matters. But there are other things, which hold every bit as much interest for you, and can lift your spirits when you are feeling low. Your moods will be lively and unpredictable, and you will not sit still for long. You will be skipping around looking for entertaining conversations.
GEMINI: In a restless mood, you’ll be ebbing and flowing like the tide, which is why you need really supportive mates around to be protective, nurturing and a little bit more practical perhaps than you feel. You will be unduly sensitive to the undercurrents in the emotional atmosphere which does make you more sympathetic but it can also make you jangled or just confused at times. So watch you are not too sugary sweet and sentimental. You could be untidy and rather careless.
CANCER: Now you may feel a bit discouraged or low in self-esteem, but there’s really no need for it. Don’t assume that being left to your own devices is a bad thing, or a sign that you are unlovable. Treat it as a blessing in disguise, to give yourself a little bit of emotional space. Maybe you seem chilly and stand offish to some but really deep down inside you may be feeling shy. Open up to those close and explain what you really need.
LEO: This is the time to set the agenda for the days ahead and whoever is around can help you sort out your options. You will gain a great deal of strength and encouragement from your friends in particular but you’ll also have a wide circle of casual acquaintances as well. Working with others will make you feel good about yourself. Because you are so relaxed in yourself you’re able to put companions at their ease. You could work well as a go-between with others.
VIRGO: If you want more prominence, you’re going to have to do things that draw other people’s attention to you. So do what suits the influential people at work or out in your community. Cater for their needs, not your own, and then you will get all the compliments you want. You want excitement, stimulation and a bit of a challenge to hold your interest. Expect the unexpected and you will not be disappointed. You have no intention of treading anyone else’s line.

In a restless mood, you want to be anywhere other than where you are. But if you are stuck in the one place, go talk to more adventurous people, even find some stretching book to read. You really can’t be bothered with practical routines. Just remember you have to resolve certain practical or business problems around your home or family. Knuckle down, get it done and then you can play truant. But do get down to brass tacks with loved ones.

SCORPIO: Just briefly you suddenly lose all thought of being frivolous. There will be certain points during this time when you want to get down into the depths to investigate, to stand steady until you find the long-term kind of answers. It may be to do with financial or emotional matters, or just more fundamental questions you are asking of yourself. Though you are also likely to over indulge and expand. It might be an idea in the peaceful moments to mull over old memories.

In your closest relationships, both at work and at home, you may be clutching a little more than usual, hanging on to partners. Don’t get jealous and possessive if they aren’t exactly fitting in with what you want. Just move over and get in step with them. The Sun is in a flowing aspect to the Moon for a brief spell so you will be charming everyone in sight. You will be even more popular than usual and welcome wherever you go.

CAPRICORN: You’re having to go out of your way to make sure that everyone is being well looked after. If you feel a bit emotionally squashed because of that, try and give yourself a few tiny treats through this time. And with the Moon at odds with Saturn could make you feel badly done to, since it’s all work and no play for a while. Don’t get gloomy since it is only a passing blip. Saturn always demands discipline and makes indulging yourself difficult. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: Just for a while, you will be promoting yourself in a very strong way, looking for the limelight. You will be flirting, laughing, singing and dancing. There will be more emotional depth in relationships with loved ones, whether it’s children, adults or indeed social companions. There will be a sparkle in your eye, since you sense that a small adventure beckons. You will definitely be in a mood for anything that gets you away from boring chores and tedious routines. So have fun.
PISCES: Even if you are on your own for a while, it won’t bother you much because you do want to cool down, calm down and get away from hassle, hustle and aggravation. You don’t want to be overwhelmed by the things of the outside world. If you want everything at home and in your emotional life to be totally wonderful, this could set you up for a minor let down. So try to give loved ones some breathing space, and things will improve.

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