Horoscope for 11th Mar


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES:IYour emotional life may be affecting your body slightly more than usual. So if you’re feeling a little jittered and jangled and don’t really become aware of it, what happens is your body picks it up, so you end up with low energy. If you become aware of the psychological causes, it’s amazing how your body can cheer up. Watch for a tendency to become too escapist, looking for ways out of the details of your everyday world. This will not be helpful.
TAURUS:You will want to nurture loved ones and friends out there in the social scene. Just don’t mother them and smother them, because they may not all take to it very kindly. Just keep singing, dancing and laughing and you’ll reach the same result of boosting everyone’s morale. You may not have a clear idea of what your next move should be. Maybe it is a time to drift a little. When in doubt, as the old saying goes, do nothing at all.
GEMINI:Now you’ll understand how you’ve got into one or two emotional muddles. You can begin to see that you’ve acted without thinking things through clearly enough. With more understanding you can prevent yourself ending up in this place in future. This is quite a good time to retreat off to have a little bit of peace and quiet. You want privacy, to get away from the outside world. Self-protective and sensitive, you want to cling on to loved ones or familiar surroundings.
CANCER:Other people may not pick up every word you say, but they certainly understand that your heart’s in the right place. You seem to be giving of yourself in a way that others can really tune into at an emotional level, which is extremely positive. Just try to pause for breath and for thought once in a while, as you may be over doing things. Do be wary of putting anyone on a pedestal since no one will match up to your ideals
LEO:Little whims will send you off in directions that are not always terribly wise. So it’s important to be clear about what you are doing now. What you really want are treats, luxuries, and presents. You’ll be very attached to the good things. It can make you a touch possessive, so you have to look more laid back than you will feel. You may find yourself being disappointed or let down especially where joint finances and intimate emotional relationships are concerned.
VIRGO:You need to belong, to be loved, cuddled and cosseted so look for reassuring companions who’ll give you a little more help and support than usual and be an anchor for you. Try to avoid overeating, because you’ll pamper yourself a bit, and avoid overreacting to certain situations. Neptune around in your opposite sign can bring in spiritual connections, or links with creative or highly sympathetic companions. This can be lovely, but it can also mean you find them rather inaccessible at times.
LIBRA:Maybe you sense that companions are preoccupied. They’re all tied up in what they’re doing, so you may as well disappear into your own space to think things through. Learning to put down limits, and not soak in other people’s worries is vital to your well being. If you can hide yourself away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and commitments you’ll be able to recover your inner peace. Explore new ways of improving your physical stamina if your energy is low.
SCORPIO:If you are feeling a little gloomy, then just know it may just be something that isn’t important, that is going to pass by so quickly that it’s not worth paying much attention to. Aim to be surrounded by team mates, colleagues, companions, the more the merrier as far as you are concerned. If you are part of group energy then you get oodles of support and quite a few helpful hints. Later you are in a romantic mood, looking for that wonderful love.
SAGITTARIUS:You’re the one who’s centre of the group at work and who’s really making things happen for everyone, so that is important to focus in on. Being sensitive and sympathetic will be part of your aim, but don’t end up being too much of a doormat because it really isn’t going to be helpful. Maybe you won’t find it easy to bring emotional differences into the open but it is important that you try. Be as honest as you possibly can be.
CAPRICORN:You’ve got a great urge to get away from ruts and routines, from tedious chores, boring people and fly a little bit higher. You want to broaden your horizons, however you can. Travel would suit you best but there are other ways to keep your interest engaged. This may be a difficult time to keep secrets since they seem to slide out into the open at quite the wrong moment unexpectedly. Nor is it the right time to be absolutely blunt or confrontational.scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS:Aim for togetherness, for keeping things quiet, calm, harmonious and rather pleasant, and you’ll find that you’re rather glad you did, because relationships have improved quite a lot. Just ignore any niggling worries you have about close partners, since it may all be in your imagination. Every person you meet seems to give you different feedback, or bring out a different side of your personality. So you may become more muddled as you try to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

PISCES:You’ll positively revel in stirring up the temperature in discussions but just watch you do not cause more trouble than it is worth. When you want to deliver opinions or extract information you speak in a way that demands attention. Later you’ll be thoroughly and gloriously lazy but it might be an idea in the peaceful moments to mull over old memories. You can be more settled if you have thought things through more carefully. Just watch you aren’t too sugary sweet and sentimental.

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