Horoscope for 12 Feb 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: One moment outgoing and charming, the next moment rather withdrawn, you won’t know from minute to minute what it is you actually want. Maybe you need more practical people around you. Though co-operation won’t always be easy for you since you feel if you give way on anything substantial particularly at work then others might take advantage. Try not to be too defensive because it will make things more difficult in the days ahead. See where you can persuade everyone to be less heated.
TAURUS: Don’t feel martyred because you feel that your efforts may be taken for granted. Give gladly and look after yourself as well in the absence of anyone else doing it. You do hold strong views about certain matters but you need to remember that what is true for you may not necessarily true for someone else. You know you need to re-think some of your highly personal beliefs, and find a different perspective on your life. Maybe some of your views need refining.
GEMINI: You may become a little bit jealous if you think a friend is off talking to someone else when you want to be talking to them. Don’t overreact. Within two minutes the situation will have changed again. Handling money seems to be a serious concern for you, more than usual. Maybe there are even power struggles over resources going on with someone close either at home or at work. So find that fine line between being too controlling yourself or being too submissive.
CANCER: You’re likely to find your feelings more on public display now. At work you’ll be more scattered than usual but also more supportive. You’ve got to stand a little bit steady for other people, and be of a bit of an anchor. You are tending to provoke stronger reactions in other people than usual, either because they are seduced by your powerful charm or off-put by your obstinacy. Don’t fight arguments to the bitter end since it will leave a sour taste that lingers.
LEO: It’s a rather predictive, prophetic kind of Moon for you at the moment. If you can look into the future and see where life is going to be taking you, then you can put your energy out very constructively. You’ll not find cooperation that easy at the moment at work. But you have been round this circuit before and know that if you stand your ground, it will resolve itself. But don’t push differences too far, and listen to what others have to say.
VIRGO:  This isn’t the time to fly solo or do things entirely on your own. You’ve really got to push yourself to make new agreements with close partners where money or emotional matters are concerned. It may take a compromise all round, but it will be worth it. So give a little bit, take a little bit, shift ground and meet in the middle. You will be intense in your romantic life, not taking your feelings lightly. Just don’t let jealousy or possessiveness spoil relationships.
LIBRA: If you stir up a problem now, just don’t go too far. You will start something and at the end of it all you wish you hadn’t bothered. You are changing your attitude almost totally to home and family matters now. This is not an overnight event, but a long slow process where you begin to evaluate carefully what has been, and what you want to hang onto from the past. Once you know you can start clearing out what is no longer essential.
SCORPIO: Looking after yourself physically is more important than usual at the moment. Don’t do anything that is going to really put more strain on your stamina. Just think positively, eat healthily, and sit down more frequently. Be less intense. Maybe you are right, but you could also be a bit ahead of yourself, or not waiting for the right time. You’ll be proved spot on eventually, but there is no sense in forcing companions to take on board what is too strange just yet.
SAGITTARIUS: You will be much more emotional in the way you connect to people. Really reaching out and expecting friendship in return. So you want relationships that are quite deep and connections that mean something to you. Just don’t get too wrapped up in your own feelings and forget to ask what others are wanting. You may feel concerned about money, feeling that you are not doing well. You just need to push harder, and you could turn your situation around very nicely thank you.
CAPRICORN: Even if you’re on your own for a short while, it won’t bother you because it gives you a chance to get your head together about one or two things and see what you need to do for yourself. Though you do feel quite determined to get to the bottom of one situation now. At times you will sound rather upfront and candid, not diplomatic or cooperative. But your passionate approach to life will be appealing to those of a similar persuasion. scop-icon-5

IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be rather frantic and scattered with a pressured everyday schedule but you’ll rarely be bored and will pack a good deal in. Just recognise that not everyone has your determination or goals since others won’t always keep up and you’ll get irritated. Sweep them up in your enthusiasm and all will be well. Positive changes will bring money your way with less effort than usual and you’ll be opening up to new emotional experiences.

PISCES: Pleasuring your senses comes with the Moon, but you will also worry a little bit about leaving yourself feeling insecure if you go too wild. Try not to live so much in your hopes for the future that you forget to live in the present and enjoy what you really have with your nearest and dearest. Certainly you will need to find yourself a long term strategy which really works, but you have to balance that with everyday activities, which need your wholehearted attention. “>

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