Horoscope for 12th Mar


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: Maybe you’ll feel a bit heavy briefly, but that just means you’re facing the bottom line in one situation. It could be dreary in some ways, but the influences around are very good if you’ve got a lot of mental work to do, things requiring disciplined thinking. Finding the balance between duty and pleasure, service that you owe to others and service you owe yourself is what’s on your mind now. But you don’t want to be pushed and pulled by too many demands.
TAURUS:It’s important that you fix your eagle eye on the things that need looking at. If you do you’ll find that you can pick up the tiny little details that need to be sorted out, which others have missed. This is not the time to be keeping your head in the clouds or ambling along relying on luck to see you through. Friends may be pulling you one way and loved ones another. So you’ll need to decide how to divide yourself between everyone.
GEMINI:All you really want is to tuck yourself out of sight in familiar surroundings and allow yourself to be indulged. Even your own company won’t be a hardship for a short time. Your busy schedule won’t allow you to play truant for long. Where you have really significant tasks to do, you’ll find you crack along. Though you won’t necessarily find it very easy to communicate with other people. Saturn around can sometimes create barriers or maybe you’re just putting yourself across too cautiously.
CANCER:If you continually point out to others everything that’s wrong, you’ll end up standing by yourself. Try adding a few compliments first if you have to be honest or critical. There could be travel muddles or delays, mainly because you are not concentrating very sensibly on where you are going and when. You’ll constantly change your mind about your plans. So sit down at the start and write out a list of destinations and times, and you might even arrive at some of them
LEO:If there are slight delays around, try not to get discouraged. Just sound bright, breezy and bouncy, leave it for three or four days and hey presto it will all work itself out. Attitude of mind may be more important than anything else. Think positively and it will work. If you are feeling more intense than usual, try to stay with it. Most of the time the pressure of life pushes you into taking avoiding action. Too tricky? Shrug. And off you go.
VIRGO:Trivial amusements may not be uppermost on your mind. It’s just as well since they won’t work well just briefly. If you try to be too cheerful, you’ll end up feeling thwarted. Whereas if you try to be serious, you’ll make by far the best of the current influences. Always pushed and pulled when the Full Moon is around, you may leap to instant decisions since your judgement may be a little awry. Just try to keep a balanced view of your closest relationships.
LIBRA:You may be looking too much for what’s wrong around you, seeing the flaws and the inadequacies rather than the benefits. It may not be very easy to open up to others because you fear they may be critical rather than supportive, but try all the same. There are times when you are happy to give to others but there are also times when you feel deprived because no one is reciprocating. Feeling resentful only means you feel worse. Your time will come.
SCORPIO:There may have been more criticism around than usual recently but you could also be misconstruing something you’ve only half heard. Check it out before jumping to conclusions. Loved ones and close social mates have been getting more of your attention and affection of late, but you also want to be around more casual acquaintances or detached friends just for now. You may find yourself spread a little thin but at least it won’t be boring. You need variety not be forced to choose.
SAGITTARIUS:Don’t judge yourself by other people’s standards. Just because not everyone fits in with your point of views, doesn’t mean that you are necessarily wrong. So give yourself a pat on the back for what you have accomplished recently. You will have to find a better balance between your head and your heart. Success in the outer world will not be fulfilling unless you have a settled emotional base. But equally you cannot find all your satisfaction in your intimate environment.
CAPRICORN:If you can push frivolities to one side and do the practical, solid, get-it-all-together kind of tasks, then you could get a lot of stuff cleared out of the way once and for all. Then you will deserve a break and can disappear off to play truant. This is not the time to stick yourself into tedious routines or get bogged down in following too many orders and instructions. But watch all the same that you don’t get crossed lines along the way.scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS:Try to see things exactly as they are, which is never as much fun as looking on the bright side, but might prove to be more useful. If you are more on your own than usual it’s only a passing phase. You may be inclined to think you have to alter the way you co-operate, but don’t decide anything on the spur of the moment. Getting your own security pulled together is something only you can do and that needs to come first.

PISCES:Don’t run yourself or your talents down but try to be fair minded both about your own achievements and those of others. Remember that you’ve got a sense of humour as well as a sense of what’s wrong with life. It is important to break through one communication barrier now but that requires you get companions to listen respectfully to what you have to say. Prepare the ground in advance by softening them up. Maybe you will have to give in the first instance.

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