Horoscope for 13th Feb 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: This is a great time for any kind of physical activity. You will be feeling vital, boisterous, exuberant, and very strong. On top of that you will have a sense of idealism, wanting to put your energy into your visions, your dreams and your hopes to make them work better for yourself. So you will move nearer to accomplishing certain of your goals. Where money is concerned you want to make more in partnership with others so you are trying hard to co-operate.
TAURUS: Don’t feel martyred because you feel that your efforts may be taken for granted. Give gladly and look after yourself as well in the absence of anyone else doing it. You do hold strong views about certain matters but you need to remember that what is true for you may not necessarily true for someone else. You know you need to re-think some of your highly personal beliefs, and find a different perspective on your life. Maybe some of your views need refining.
GEMINI: If you’re normally pretty timid and don’t have much trust or faith in yourself, the influences around now will do you the world of good. You suddenly find the courage to try things which normally you wouldn’t attempt. Everything will suddenly begin to turn out in a luckier kind of way than usual. Though truth to tell, it’s much more to do with your dynamic approach, and making it happen for yourself. You’ll take a good deal of pride in doing a task well.
CANCER: You will definitely be in high spirits. Everyone around will pick up a little bit of that from you and be more than happy to move your way. Anything that you want to do to advance your own interests will go well. Be wary of promising more than you can deliver, which means you end up letting people down. Your pet projects will be moving faster but you must feel they are expressing your real personality before you’ll settle to any kind of routine.
LEO: Feeling optimistic, you’ll think you can do almost twice as much as usual, and the truth is you can. Not that you will want to do too many routine chores or boring tasks. You want to fly into activities that will give you a sense of meaning. You will want to fulfil some greater purpose rather than just slogging through the daily grind. Work will be frustrating since slow progress is likely for a while. Just recognise that achievements will come later on.
VIRGO:  You should be dealing superbly well with almost everyone around you, particularly bosses, parents and teachers. Any kind of authority figures are going to be pretty much brought round to your side. The only slight danger is that you will be whizzing ahead so fast that you forget to pay attention to the practical details. You will be thinking fast, and perhaps speaking sharply at times. You will have a more cutting tongue than usual and not be suffering fools or slowcoaches gladly.
LIBRA: There seems little doubt that one situation is going to turn out spectacularly better than you expected. You just need to make sure that you’re looking in the right direction, and helping the lucky influences along with a little common sense. Having solid results to show for your efforts is always important to you and you won’t be shy about demanding your rights or stating your worth. You’ll be spending larger sums than usual, since you can be a little impulsive at the moment.
SCORPIO: New projects which begin now are likely to work very well indeed because you’re zipping around with that kind of optimism that makes things happen. There’s no doubt whatsoever that positive thinking makes positive things happen. Straight ahead is your motto of the moment, and if obstacles or people get in your way, you will get impatient, sweeping them to one side, not always diplomatically. Try adding a veneer of tact since that can be a faster way of getting your own way.
SAGITTARIUS: There is a slight risk you may be too impulsive, hasty or reckless, and perhaps not very practical. You may cut corners and not double-check the details. But you’re swinging along with that kind of enthusiasm which is highly infectious, so everyone will be pulling together and results will pile in faster. But there will be times when you are not clear why you feel frustrated, or what is sticking to you. Try to pick up on the undercurrents in your surrounding atmosphere.
CAPRICORN: The outcome of whatever you are tackling now should be better than you had hoped. Your determination will produce results as long as you keep your feet on the ground, your eye on detail, and don’t led an adrenalin rush send you off to do anything too wild. For the next few weeks with energetic Mars in your house of friends and future hopes, you will want to throw your energy wholeheartedly into all manner of team efforts in a highly optimistic way. scop-icon-5

IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be lucky, confident, pro-active, a time to fire ahead on all cylinders and waken your life up. Just try not to sound too bossy since others may not be revved up to your level. Older, more serious friends will be your mainstay, loyal and sensible when you need their support and advice. You’ll sense you are moving into better times with money coming in more easily and better intimate relationships developing.

PISCES: All sorts of opportunities will be opening up around you which you hadn’t expected, so you need to be on top form to be able to make best use of them all. Your mind will be more active than usual and you are curious to learn more about almost everything. Anyone who disagrees with you though will have a fight on their hands as you defend your position with vigour and vehemence. Just remember that gentle persuasion often works better than brute force. “>

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