Horoscope for 14 March 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: Maybe you do feel a bit heavy briefly, but that may just mean you are being realistic, facing the bottom line in one situation. It could be dreary in some ways, but the influences around are very good if you’ve got a lot of mental work to do, things that require disciplined thinking. Later you’ll be wanting to be centre of attention. Why not? Be a prima donna for a day, though do it with grace and it will work so much better.
TAURUS: Where you have specialised or really significant tasks to do, you will find you crack along. Though you won’t necessarily find it very easy to communicate with other people. Saturn around can sometimes creates barriers or maybe you’re just putting yourself across too cautiously. Someone may be a little abrasive and it could be you just briefly. Try to head for a comforting shoulder if you feel on edge or out of sorts. Leaping up and down will only make matters worse.
GEMINI: Just check out your self-esteem. Somehow you feel you have to earn being accepted at the moment. Only by being successful will you be valued, you think. Understand you are loveable for just being you. If other people can’t see that then they aren’t worth having around. You very much want to be looked up to and admired now, so you’re putting a great deal of stress on how you look, sprucing up your outer appearance. Maybe even putting on airs and graces.
CANCER: It may not be easy to open up to other people because you fear they may be critical rather than supportive, but try all the same. Try to express what you really feel and what you want. Being too reserved won’t pay off now. If you don’t ask you may not get. Fortune favours the brave. In the past you may have missed chances, because you were scared of being turned down. Maybe you do need to take a small risk to find out.
LEO: Just because not everyone fits in with your point of views, doesn’t mean you are necessarily wrong. Give yourself a pat on the back for what you have accomplished recently. Later will be lively and upbeat. The influences are good for anything sexy, creative and affectionate. You will want to get on well with other people. Just watch a little bit with your love life. You may go sailing into flirtations, then later you wonder whether it was such a hot idea after all.
VIRGO: Try to see things exactly as they are, which is never as much fun as looking on the bright side, but might prove more useful. If you are more on your own than usual it’s only a temporary, passing phase. Later you will certainly be charming all the right people in all the right places. Flattery will get you almost anywhere and it certainly beats hard work. The right people will be impressed by your dynamic approach, so you should see some gratifying results.
LIBRA: If you can push frivolities to one side just temporarily and do the practical kind of tasks, then you could get a lot of stuff cleared out of the way once and for all. Then you’ll deserve a break and can disappear off to play truant. You’ve got a little bit more of a twinkle in your eye and a lilt in your step. This can mean you are off to make mischief but you can also sweep other people up in your enthusiasm.
SCORPIO: Don’t run yourself or your talents down but try to be fair minded both about your own achievements and those of other people. Remember that you’ve got a sense of humour as well as a sense of what’s wrong with life. It is important to break through one communication barrier now but that requires you get companions to listen respectfully to what you have to say. You need to prepare the ground in advance by softening them up, then it should work well.
SAGITTARIUS: If you are holding back from a serious discussion with workmates or close companions then maybe you need to think of some way of breaking the ice. There may have been more criticism around than usual recently but you could also be misconstruing something you have only half heard. Check it out before jumping to conclusions. You will be passionately enthusiastic about almost everything which interests you now, whether it has romantic overtones or not. Your pet projects will get a push.
CAPRICORN: Trivial amusements may not be uppermost on your mind which is just as well since they won’t work well for now. If you try to be too cheerful, you’ll end up feeling thwarted. Whereas if you try to be serious, you’ll make by far the best of the Saturn influences around. Later you need to let your affections be seen. Don’t hold back, or feel too timid. The lighter-hearted, more romantic side of life is well starred. It should keep you entertained in passing. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: It’s important that you fix your eye on the things that need looking at. Then you can pick up the tiny little details that need to be sorted out, which others have missed. This is not the time to be keeping your head in the clouds or ambling along relying on luck to see you through. Though if you are attracted to someone, you’re likely to be telling them exactly how you feel, and your overtures should be met with a very positive response.
PISCES: IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY You do have a very critical, clear view of life now, but it may not endear you to close companions. If you continually point out to them everything that’s wrong, you will end up standing by yourself. Try adding a few compliments first if you have to be honest or critical. Later should be a rather pleasant and pleasure-filled time. No matter what else is going on, this will bring a distinct twinkle to your eye, particularly with the opposite sex.

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