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Horoscope for 14th January 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: You do need to take a step back once in a while to see the broad picture. Check out whether you’ve misunderstood something. There could have been crossed lines recently and this is the time to disentangle them. Be cool, be clear but not too critical. Being detached allows you to make unbiased judgements, but you can also sound too chilly. You may be gaining success at work now, though oddly enough you may think you are not doing well. Be more confident.
TAURUS:  The old scout motto of be prepared is not a bad idea. Get everything in ship shape order, before you launch into activity or into discussions. Sometimes it’s a good idea to be self-critical, particularly before other people get a chance to have a look at your pet schemes. That way you can forestall criticism and appear very efficient. Because you come across as honest, outgoing, confident, and good with words you will be a popular companion at work and in your leisure activities.
GEMINI: Maybe you will feel a little bit highly strung or wound-up but you can make good use of your hyper-active state. You will be absolutely on the ball where discussions are concerned, having more than enough ideas or witty suggestions to keep the conversation flowing. Just make sure you are not being too sharp at points. If life feels a minor struggle remember that your perseverance will pay off. You will be looking for deeper answers than usual, maybe more passionate connections.
CANCER: Get your list of priorities straight before you start on your chores. Then tick them off as you go along and you will end up feeling more than pleased with yourself. You will find yourself more sensitive to the needs of others at this time, so will be able to help. Just remember to stand firm for your rights. At work just now you much prefer to work in a one-to-one partnership than on your own or with a team. So go seek.
LEO: This is definitely not a time for sitting still. You will be whizzing around on short-distance journeys, or writing more letters than usual, making phone calls galore. Just watch a slight tendency to tell other people exactly what you think of their flaws. Needless to say that won’t go down well. You are practical, more than usual at the moment, keen to get details in the right place. You are less worried about getting praise, than in being helpful and being of service.
VIRGO:  Too many ideas are chasing round inside your head so you’re at risk of getting in a muddle. You’ve got to have some kind of structure to what you’re saying otherwise you will not communicate clearly. Maybe a tiny bit of you at the moment wants to be in love with life. In some ways you feel like a child at heart – spontaneous, colourful and unselfconscious when it comes to enjoying yourself. You will be very upfront about what or whom you fancy.
LIBRA:  You will have good insights and a quick eye for what is out of place. There may be nothing hugely important but it will waken you up. Talking to your nearest and dearest will help you sort out any family muddles or tensions which have been swept under the carpet recently because there was no time to address them. More sensitive and private than usual, you are tending to retreat into your shell and put up defensive barriers against the outside world.
SCORPIO:  You are on an adrenaline rush, so you’ll want to pack more things into the schedule. If you can go with the speed of your thinking and not trip yourself up, then you could motivate and encourage companions into joining in. They’ll appreciate the freshness of your approach, and way of seeing what they miss. Restless and versatile, you seem to know a little about a good many subjects at the moment. Maybe you are scattering your attention in too many directions at once.
SAGITTARIUS:  A really bright, breezy mood will keep you fully stretched. You will be a positive fountain of inspiration. But trying to catch your stream of consciousness and bottle it may be trickier. You will not want to stop long enough to consolidate your thinking or come to sensible conclusions. You are being drawn more than usual to the good life, and all it brings with it, which never comes cheap. But you will not be happy unless you can boost your savings as well.
CAPRICORN:  IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be sharp witted, chatty, restless, very much a time not to allow yourself to be trapped. You’ll want more freedom of room for manoeuvre as well as elsewhere. You’ll be enthusiastic, thinking big and spreading your opinions around confidently. Friends and team mates will help to keep you focussed on what is workable and will ensure you concentrate on the future not the past. Success will come after mid year to boost your status. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: Emotionally you are not at your most outgoing and sociable. Even your own company will not be a hardship for short periods though obviously not all the time. But at work you’ll be in mental overdrive, so you zip on so quickly that you miss out on opportunities. It may go against the grain, but if you can pause to collect your scattered wits you’ll achieve more. If you rush ahead too fast you may get careless or cut corners. Then nothing works well.
PISCES:  You’re full of bright ideas, chattering away in grand style, determined to get your views across. Try to listen as well, if you can manage it, since communication should be a two way process. You could pick up useful feedback. Write down a few bullet points before you start and that way you will not be distracted from your main points. At the moment for you there is safety and security in numbers. The more the merrier as far as you are concerned. “>

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