Horoscope for 15th December


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be changeable, adventurous and determined. You’ll be keen to get your finances onto a more secure footing and will push on till you get to where you want to be. Loved ones at home and in the family may be muddled and rather elusive. Tread gently, be forgiving and don’t try to pin them down. If you’re realistic then you won’t be disappointed. Fun friends, old and new will be around to give you encouragement.

ARIES:Power struggles may be in the air as influential people try to call the shots or push you into doing what does not suit you. You may not have much say at the moment as you might like. Just remember that you do have a choice about what you are doing and what attitude you take. Try to look on the bright side of things. You could see the difficulties rather than boosting your optimism. You will cope well with any situation.
TAURUS:You may find yourself trying to convert everyone in sight to agree with you, and spreading your ideas to a wider circle of people. First you need to reach the right standpoint yourself. If you try to control other people’s thinking, they may not respond positively. Try to listen to feedback since companions may have the wrong end of the stick, or just be losing your train of thought. Leave major situations until you are clearer and can keep more in focus.

GEMINI:You are grappling with fundamental questions about life, and confidential matters both financial and emotional. You will not find it easy to compromise or co-operate. But you know you cannot find all the answers yourself, or go your own independent way. You do need to open up and ask for advice. Very slowly you are changing your attitude to sharing, caring, relating and co-operating which means you have to abandon old ideas and try to clear the ground for a re-birth of new situations.
CANCER:Your feelings are more deeply involved now, your reactions more profound. It can be rather disconcerting as you discover emotions which you normally avoid. This can be a time of great self-understanding and growth, which teaches you about meaningful relationships if you allow it to happen. Jupiter brings sweetness and light to Moon areas which are home, diet, family and the past. So you are likely to over indulge and expand as a result. Mull over old memories in the peaceful moments.
LEO:Work mates may want to stick to the status quo so power struggles are almost inevitable. You will not find cooperation that easy at the moment at work. But you have been round this circuit before and know that if you stand your ground, it will resolve itself. Just don’t push differences of opinion to the bitter end, since that will just leave a sour taste behind. You’ll keep companions at arms length, since you are playing your cards close to your chest.
Virgo:Your feelings are very deep with stronger passions, and occasional jealousy, or power struggles with loved ones as your need for security demands that they stick close. The Moon is emotional and Mercury rather mental, so when they are at odds as they will be for a while, you tend to get in a muddle, or go off at tangents. Chitter chattering your way along, your heart may be in the right place but you may not be as persuasive as you think.
LIBRA:You are changing your attitude almost totally in family matters now. This is not an overnight event, but a long slow process where you begin to evaluate carefully what has been, and what you want to hang onto from the past. Once you know you can start clearing out what is no longer essential. Maybe you cannot quite make up your mind what you want, or what your commitments should be. It’s only a passing blip so step back until you feel clear again.
SCORPIO:During this time you can end up seeing everything very intensely. This is OK, but you might just be looking too much at the bleak side of situations and not appreciating the fun. Later you will be dancing off in all directions at once not sitting still for long. Sudden events at home will keep you on your toes and rather edgy. You will get jangled if anyone crowds you or tries to cramp your style. So let yourself be free to suit yourself.
SAGITTARIUS:You’re at a point of wanting to transform your personal security, to build your financial situation into something more solid. Nothing will happen quickly but you can slowly put new systems into place. There may be pressures but with ingenuity you can come out ahead. The Moon at odds with Jupiter may make you feel a little over optimistic but shouldn’t be causing any real problems. You’ll just notice that you want everything at home and in your emotional life to be totally wonderful.
CAPRICORN:Pluto is around in your own sign for a long while ahead, bringing with it a slow but complete transformation of your personality, sense of personal identity and image. This can be one of the most useful influences you ever have though it is not always easy. You may find it tricky to bring discussions or conversations to a satisfactory conclusion since you will be constantly switching tack. Try to concentrate on one thing at a time, and you’ll work wonders.scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: You will want to spend more time on your own just briefly since being around too many people will make you feel over loaded. You want the chance to explore your past and to understand yourself that little bit better. Don’t be wary about what you might discover. It could be better than you imagine. Just briefly you will tend to get pulled into tricky situations, and end up feeling a touch frustrated or blocked. Leave off making important decisions at this time
Pisces:You are in the midst of a long process of changing your long term plans, finding that what once held your enthusiasm now no longer does so. You really will want to be around movements or groups which hold influence or power out in society. Just watch you are not too sugary sweet and sentimental. You could be a little untidy and rather careless. Just briefly the influences around will bring on an exceptionally lazy and laid-back mood. So just relax for a while.Horos


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