Horoscope for 15th Feb 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: Definitely out in the swing of things at the moment, you are attracting some very interesting people to you. You definitely want to be part of the crowd both at work and in your leisure activities. You feel popular in team relationships at work and out on the social scene. Though your concentration may be wandering a little at points, and you are getting very bored with having to listen to feedback. You may say things that startle other people, just to amuse yourself.
TAURUS: You will be more ambitious than usual at this time, keen to be noticed and tend to aim for a more prominent position. Luckily you are much in demand for your views at work. You are the one who has all relevant info down to the last detail. Just don’t drown everyone in too many facts and figures. You expect everyone to dance to your tune. Your straightforward approach will be cutting through barriers and getting to the point of situations faster than usual.
GEMINI: You will want more stimulating company over the next few days, more travel if you can manage, or some other way of broadening your horizons. You don’t want to be bothered by tiny details at the moment since you want to see the broad picture. Just watch you are not being impractical or unrealistic. Make the effort to develop a wider range of interests and to get out of ruts now. Just don’t sermonize at mates as it will not go down too well.
CANCER: You will be concentrating on confidential matters, both financial and emotional for a little while. Maybe you do sometimes express yourself too forcibly at the moment. Indeed, you are feeling strongly about certain situations, and will not easily change your mind. Just keep digging deeper for more fundamental answers for yourself in a highly discreet way. If you cannot say precisely what you feel or think now you would rather stay silent. So companions may find you just a touch frustrating at times.
LEO: Togetherness will be the key to your happiness both at home and at work. You will want to share and care more. Though you will go well out of your way to avoid boors, bores and mates who get on your nerves at the moment. You want interesting conversations with people who are on your wavelength. Clear some space to talk to close partners both at home and at work when you can. You’ll want to get certain things straight as quickly as possible.
VIRGO:  If you are knuckling down to do as much as possible, you need to be fitter. So review your physical lifestyle, seeing whether you could improve your diet, take up more exercise or get more rest. Your helpful suggestions at work are going down well now except when you tramp on other people’s corns as you point out their flaws. Try a little charm, and a few compliments before you wade in to criticise. You will be thinking more about re-organising your working life.
LIBRA: You will be more dramatic, fun-loving, attention seeking than usual. There is plenty of fun and laughter around you now. You appreciate your own ideas, and like listeners to be appreciative as well. Just don’t exaggerate too much to make an effect, or embroider the facts to make a good story. No one will miss your presence for the next few days. You will want to put on quite a show of wit and be centre of attention at work and parties.
SCORPIO: Domestic and family security is more important to you at the moment than usual. You want to step back from your recent busy schedule to take stock, and frankly to put your feet up more regularly. Though you may be taking other people’s comments too personally, fearing slights where none were intended. You are more sensitive and moody than usual, so you will want to retreat into your shell if arguments flare up where you feel your views are being personally attacked.
SAGITTARIUS: You will be racing around a good deal faster in coming days, chatting nineteen to the dozen, and skipping around a busier routine than usual. There may be less time for depth or detail than you might like since you’ll be pulled in different directions, with more correspondence than usual to handle. You’re not about to let your feelings get in the way of your thinking at the moment since you want to be clear. Try not to sound too cool or too detached.
CAPRICORN: Put extra effort into getting the budget into ship shape order. Be determined to earn more or manage what you already have more sensibly. Though your spending is also likely to shoot up. Your concentration is good at the moment once you settle down to tasks. More stubborn than usual, you are digging your heels in quite hard. You will want to get yourself better informed about money matters. Then you can keep everyone else around you up to scratch as well. scop-icon-5

IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be chatty, restless, fast moving, a time you will sweep away obstacles and stamp your foot to make progress. It may not be as sociable or romantic as usual but in the quiet moments you’ll be opening up to more fulfilling relationships. Money will flow through from surprising sources with less effort than usual so you’ll feel more secure. Push yourself to sort out longer term plans. Loyal friends will be a great help.

PISCES: Feeling rather retiring, and not at all pushy, you want to just retreat into peace and space. This will help you to take stock, and recharge your batteries. Let others do the running around. Your mind is wandering around restlessly though, and maybe you are too susceptible to persuasion by others. You are picking up subtle clues from others, acting like a sponge, soaking in atmosphere. Though you would rather listen than to talk now, try to voice your opinions now and again. “>