Horoscope for 15th January 2016


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: Watch that you are not careless with detail, which can sometimes be a little bit of a problem. Jupiter is very expansive, so it expands confidence, but it sometimes can expand it right over the top. But that shouldn’t be a huge problem. You will feel more buoyant energy-wise than for a while. You genuinely want to be of service and make everyone’s life easier. Having the energy and the right support around you will mean that you can make faster progress.
TAURUS:  You want to be flexible, you want to go off and meet new, fascinating and stimulating people. You’re boosting everyone else’s morale and they’re doing exactly the same for you, and you’re not getting yourself stuck in corners. Being out in the centre of activities at parties or in games will find you absolutely in your element. Your popularity is soaring with loved ones, children and social mates, so there is no sense in holding back. Allow yourself to step forward confidently.
GEMINI: You are whizzing around, not wanting to settle down and look at the boring detail. You’ve got this wonderful sense of confidence, and you are feeling good about yourself. So look ahead and see the rosy glows on the far horizon. Just watch you are not getting stuck in the past only seeing the bright side, and finding it difficult to let go. Try to stand up for yourself if certain family members are taking your good nature too much for granted.
CANCER: You will be feeling brighter, breezier and better. You want to look at your overall plans for life. Your hopes, wishes, dreams and visions come into play when Jupiter is around. There should be opportunities galore coming your way for the taking and your bouncy self confidence will certainly attract positive responses from everyday people, like workmates or neighbours. You could even be in the mood to take up new studies. Your curiosity will send you in search of better answers.
LEO: Being practical, sensible and double-checking won’t be high on your priority list. You won’t be in a mood to put up with any limitations now. Sailing straight ahead in a spirit of adventure will do you so much more good, you think. Maybe it feels more fun, but don’t give yourself problems for later in the month. You should be earning more or at least you are finding that your prospects are brighter than before. But try to hang onto a little of it.
VIRGO:  Whether you are talking about work or about social activities, you’ll find that everything really goes tremendously well with the current influences around. You are inspiring a great deal of trust in close companions, though sometimes they think you are a touch over optimistic. Maybe you do look on the bright side of life, and promise more than you can deliver. But you mean well, and no one will really mind. Just try to think through the practical consequences of what you say.
LIBRA:  Doing anything too self-disciplined won’t be your favourite thing at the moment. You just want to stand back and take the broad view of life. You can see ways to turn the situation round to your advantage. It seems like luck, but it’s just good hunches, good thinking. As you gradually come to terms with your own hidden needs, you have a better understanding of those around who may be struggling slightly. That quiet inner voice will tell you all you need to know.
SCORPIO:  You want to pick up new information, and to meet new people. You’re going to be much more tolerant even than usual, wanting to hear what other people have to say, wanting to see how it all fits into the broader picture. Friendships are working well now and you should be mixing confidently with large numbers of people at work and in your leisure activities. This is an optimistic time when you can look ahead and see really rosy glows on the horizon.
SAGITTARIUS:  There is a slight danger that you might be sloppy or overlook details, getting so carried away by one wonderful idea that you don’t look at the bottom line. Make sure you know what your promises really entail. Success should be coming your way more easily than usual so you might as well make hay while the sun shines. Praise and a growing appreciation of your talents and personality at work or out in the community will have you beaming with pleasure.
CAPRICORN:  IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be confident, enthusiastic, a time to raise your sights higher and think big. You’ll inject more adventure into your life and broaden your horizons. Just double check that all your schemes are practical. Energetic friends and team mates will speed you along and give you robust support. You won’t be as sociable or romantic for a while but you certainly won’t go short of company. Recognition will come your way after mid year.scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: No matter what else is going on in the Zodiac at the moment, there are some silver linings around, and there are some very positive benefits coming out of these influences. Mates will be in a position to be more generous to you than they have been. Even the bank manager will seem more amiably disposed towards you. Suddenly the world seems a luckier place, so you can expect money to flow your way with less effort than you might have expected.
PISCES:  You’ll be really reaching out to other people, so you’re trying to pick up ideas from them and to hand them back, as it were, and there’s a great deal of good conversation going on. You want people around you now who share your broader interests in life. Emotional partners do seem to be in better humour, and happy to fit in. At work as well you are attracting the kind of support and enthusiastic connections which make you feel popular and optimistic.“>
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