horoscope for 16 April 2016

ARIES: IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be a time to strike out in new directions, take a few small risks and let your enthusiasm lead the way. You’ll be well-supported at work and feeling healthier. Close partners may be a touch perplexed by your constantly changing demands but from September you’ll suddenly find it easier to co-operate and will share more activities and ideals together. Be prepared to listen to feedback and you’ll gain the respect of the right people.
TAURUS: You may feel happier in your own company than usual, and can be a touch overwhelmed by too many people around, so give yourself space. You may be feeling more sensitive than usual so you will protect your feelings by withdrawing into yourself rather like an oyster into its shell. Push away people who are awkward, back away from tricky circumstances and find a little niche in the office or at home, when you can be in charge of all you survey.
GEMINI: You are in your element in group efforts at the moment, and are keen to see that everyone pulls in the same direction. Scattering yourself too widely, getting a bit frantic and frazzled is all too likely but not very helpful. If you can detach your feelings from your thinking then you will find it easier to focus and concentrate. Brothers and sisters, or neighbours may be around more than usual. You could even be looking on workmates with more warmth.
CANCER: What you secretly (or not so secretly) yearn for is to be applauded by everyone around. This is your peak time of year where work or community activities are concerned so recognition is likely as you strive hard to get your talents out on display. If you spend money which you will do in style, since you want to pleasure your senses with what you buy. It has to taste, smell, look, or feel good before you will be satisfied. Moderation is the answer.
LEO: You will be thinking and talking about loftier topics than usual since your wide ranging mind is attracting you to fascinating new ideas. You will be promoting your pet causes to all and sundry with a great deal of evangelical zeal just now. All you want really is favourable attention, so you will be racing around trying to please. Over eating could be a hazard today since you will want to comfort yourself. More even than usual, you will want to be loved, nurtured, protected.
VIRGO: You are feeling strong, secretive, determined more than usual at the moment. You will not be readily divulge what you are thinking, feeling or planning to any but your nearest and most intimate partners, though you do need to find someone to confide in. But time on your own is generally well spent, anyway. Highly sensitive to emotional atmosphere, you may become overloaded by other people’s problems and feelings, so stepping back is a good idea.
LIBRA: Maybe you will feel slightly more vulnerable than usual with the Sun in your opposite sign, but there is support around if you look. Ask for what you need, but be prepared to compromise as well, since relationships always mean give and take. Find reliable, energetic mates on whom you can lean. You will be chopping and changing your plans about what you want to do in the days ahead. Just let yourself wander. You will settle within a day or so to a sensible game plan.
SCORPIO:You need to be fit to crack on through the chores that are piling up in front of you. You’ve decided you’re not going to get enough attention at home, so you have to go out into the world and get it. You will be sensitive, very responsive to the mood around you at work, and therefore very good about handling group situations. You have incentive and ambition, but you’re putting it across in a very nice, protective kind of way for other people.
SAGITTARIUS: A real party animal at the moment, you will be playing spontaneously and not settling down to dull, routine chores or following orders. Feeling happy go lucky, outgoing and romantic, you want to allow your exuberance out on display as much as possible. Do not stick to your normal routines at all today. With the Moon passing through your chart area just before your midheaven today, you will be moving restless, chatty and adventurous. Anything frankly which makes you feel that everything is bubblier, brighter and breezier.
CAPRICORN: You yearn to feel rooted, as if you belonged to a familiar place and to the people who make you feel most relaxed. You may also now have a chance now to work out how best to improve your intimate surroundings. What you want is a beautiful home with an atmosphere of taste, elegance and comfort.rnDo not stick to your normal routines at all today. You are coming across as fair-minded, tolerant and enthusiastic, so you should be able to find stimulating companions to share your views. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: You’ll have a more imaginative way of thinking and speaking than usual. This can be useful, since you are absorbing a good deal of information from your surroundings, almost without noticing. Don’t go leaping into a situation too emotionally and then find you don’t really want to see it through to the end, because with the Moon across the zodiac from your sign you can sometimes lose courage about things. It’s a fragile kind of energy. So aim yourself towards nice, happy, reassuring mates.
PISCES: Watch that you aren’t too sharp in your comments at the moment. Try to think before you act, so that you can also be tolerant and flexible in your views, when you have time to consider. It’s a rather self-sacrificing kind of time which means you have to put aside your own need for frivolity and indulgence just to make sure that everyone else is getting what they want. So console yourself with the thought that you’ll get your rewards a little later on.
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