Horoscope for 16th March 2016


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: You want more freedom, you want to rise up a little bit, you want to be looked up to by other people. The only thing that you need to watch is a tendency to get too pushy. Tensions in work relationships should be easier. There is more support and encouragement around you. Maybe great success hasn’t arrived yet but you are promised improved job conditions, more praise, maybe even more money. All of which will help you be of practical service to others.
TAURUS: You will be feeling good, as well as feeling successful, confident, enthusiastic and optimistic. This is a time when you can get a grip on your life and really make it work for yourself. You will be challenging life: not sitting in a corner or sweeping yourself under a carpet. Your relationships with children will be much better, or even more fun. These influences bring out your own inner child to play more spontaneously. Let yourself sparkle in the spotlight and enjoy being appreciated.
GEMINI: All the things you’ve been wanting to do recently and didn’t really feel that you could raise the courage for, now you can just sail ahead majestically. One way and another, life is regenerating, reorganising, upgrading, building itself into something that wasn’t there before. As long as you don’t get self-righteous or too pushy, nothing will go wrong. A happy home life is top of your wish list at the moment, far and away beyond anything the outside world has to offer.
CANCER: You need to allow yourself to sail towards what you want to do, because it is the kind of thing that maybe you’ve held back from in the past. You may find anyway that changes occur around you without your having to put any effort in at all. Definitely in a morale boosting mood and lifting other people’s enthusiasm, you will be chatting happily to everyday companions, gliding through your work routines with less effort than usual. You are very open minded about others’ opinions.
LEO: You can begin to feel that your life is more under your control, and you have a sense of your identity, a sense of what you mean to yourself. There can be some really positive benefits in terms of finances, or even success at work. Jupiter, the expansive planet of good fortune and developing potential, is in your chart area of money so you should be having a good deal of luck. But this does sometimes mean that material aims take over too much.
VIRGO: Don’t become obsessed or too narrow-minded or lose track of being sensitive to other people. You may decide what you want and go straight for it. Your relationships in general are improving and tensions are easing. What’s even better resources could be drawn to you. The only tiny problem could be that you get a little ahead of yourself or above yourself. Jupiter in your own sign can boost your sense of your own self-importance. Some is good, too much could mean you get uppity or possibly careless.
LIBRA: You will want to push a little bit harder during these next few days — not in the sense of running up and down mountains, but in having a great deal more confidence, so you can say, “I deserve this. I’ve got talent. I’m able to handle this.” You are learning to like yourself more. A significant person may act discreetly as a spiritual guide. Then in turn you can do the same for someone else. The best advice will come in the quiet moments.
SCORPIO: It’s a time for making creative changes in your life. You can change your life in small ways — these are not very strong influences, but they boost your confidence so that you can get a grip and you can put the energy out to make things happen for yourself. All your group activities should be going with a swing. Your sunny self confidence will make everyone around you feel better, while they in turn give you a sense of better times to come.
SAGITTARIUS: Remember to keep yourself within limits and not be too ruthless or pushy. Work relationships should be prospering well partly because of your tolerant, easygoing manner. Your ambitions should be flowing smoothly upwards, and not just now but for months to come. Good at inspiring enthusiasm in others, you will be a great motivator, though not always realistic. You do sometimes think you can perform miracles because your plans are not always grounded in practical common sense. Your enthusiasm runs away with you.
CAPRICORN: Your main object in life is to improve your own life and yourself, but if you can do it for the wider group as well, that will help. On the financial front you could find that you have access to more money. You will be constantly on the go, seeking more challenging companions who are good conversationalists. You want to pick up new activities or studies which will broaden your mind. Make the effort to reach out and ask for what you need. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: As long as you pay attention and don’t go and overspend, which can be a little bit of a problem, then everything is going to end up with you feeling that you’ve made constructive changes and that you’ve got substantially more at the end of this than at the beginning. Psychologically you are changing faster than you realise. Your intimate relationships are improving and there is a generosity coming your way from the universe since you started to open up.
PISCES: IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be confident, go-ahead, lucky where partnerships and future plans are concerned. You’ll be able to put your mind to tricky situations and make a solution work. Money will be up and down but then after mid-year will suddenly improve with unexpected bonuses or generous presents coming in. Your closest relationship will flourish with a real sense of what the future holds in store. You’ll drop your defences later to draw even closer.