Horoscope for 18th Mar


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: You’re well able to persuade other people that they should drop all their arguments and disagreements and come together a little bit more. You’re acting as a peacemaker and a mediator. With Venus in your own sign, you are upfront about what and whom you fancy at the moment. Being backward and shy is not your style and will win you no prizes in the romance game. It’s a great time for negotiating since you’re being extremely charming at the moment.
TAURUS: Today there’s a good-time feeling with plenty of compliments flying around. You’ll have a nice, warm glow as you cherish compliments. It’s a time to whisper sweet nothings in that special person’s ear. Maybe you find it difficult to express your feelings for fear they will not meet a positive response. A little like an oyster, you will snap shut your shell in case your inner softness is damaged. Your fantasy love life could feel safer than real relationships. Dream away but try to reach out as well.
GEMINI: Today is a time to compromise with loved ones to keep the peace. Then you can be off enjoying yourself. You’ll want to socialise, to be around elegant company, people who are fun-loving. They may be a little bit superficial, but they’ll keep you cheerful all the same. You are the life and soul of the party now, roaming around chatting animatedly, flirting like mad but never staying long in one place. Your popularity won’t be in doubt, since your bubbly, whacky manner keeps everyone intrigued and entertained
CANCER:Your life will feel happier, more positive than it has been. With loved ones, it’s a good day to be telling them how you feel, putting your feelings into words, in a rather sensitive and compassionate way, both for yourself and for others. Loyalty and reliability mean more to you at the moment than flamboyant declarations of passion. You want to know that loved ones will be there for you no matter what. Compliments and praise will come at work.
LEO:It’s a great time to be around friends. Almost everyone in your everyday surroundings is going to be benefit from having your very serene, contented and harmonious personality around, at least some of the time. Your frankness may get you into trouble with your nearest and dearest, but you insist on going your own independent way. Luckily, your obvious enthusiasm should be enough to keep them sweet. Try to involve them in all your social plans since you want to stir up more fun.
VIRGO:Mercury is close to Venus, and with Venus being to do with everything which is amiable and positive and friendly, you’re going to be pouring oil on troubled waters. You want everyone to feel wonderful. You’ll be very sensitive and want to speak of your feelings in a very straightforward way. Financial bonuses could be round the corner, especially where you work jointly with others. The household accounts could be in for a boost, or one situation at work may suddenly look much brighter.
LIBRA:Today there’ll be a healing, soothing, smoothing, make-life-more-beautiful kind of feeling around. You want to make absolutely certain that everyone around you is happy. Anything gritty will not please you at all. You won’t want noisy and unpleasant people or situations. You’ll yearn to be surrounded by beauty and all the more delightful things of life. So you might do worse than go out to art galleries or the movies or music concerts. Or maybe you’d prefer to write a love letter or poem.
SCORPIO:Although you’re not going to be very practical about certain details, you should be able to negotiate in a very charming and diplomatic and tactful way. It will be important to get your finances straight. Work is easier for you at the moment than indulging or playing, so you may feel out of place on social occasions unless you have a job to do. The upside is that the mood around your daily chores is much happier than it has been for a while.
SAGITTARIUS:You want beauty in your life, and are probably discussing your feelings in a much more outgoing way with those around you. It’s a light-hearted mood – there’s nothing deep and passionate about it. Nothing cheap or tacky attracts you now, you want to romance the five star way, at some expense. You want to entertain or even better be entertained lavishly, with style and good taste. Luckily, you seem to be surrounded more than usual by elegant and successful friends.
CAPRICORN:There will be a few restrictions about, or setbacks, even losses. There’s a risk that you may feel a bit low, discouraged perhaps. The best tactic is to face up to your duty and be conscientious. What is happening may seem negative, even unlucky, but it needn’t necessarily be bad. You just have to get into hard-working gear. You can’t duck and dive and leave all the chores to someone else. You are aware of a lessening of certain old ambitions.scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS:Venus is being boosted today by Mercury. Venus is to do with affection, it’s to do with extravagance and indulgence and all the better things of life, and Mercury is to do with a very sweet and smooth way of talking, so generally speaking you could charm the birds off the trees. Others may accuse you of being a social butterfly at the moment, and lovers may find you restless. Variety is the spice of your life, and too much claustrophobic intimacy will make you want to run.

PISCES:Truth to tell, you’ll be basically self-indulgent today, buying things that cost money, trying to persuade loved ones into spending more than they want. Since you’ll be very persuasive you’re likely to get your own way. Money and what it buys are very important to your well-being now. Just don’t muddle love and money, assuming if you aren’t getting expensive presents, you are not really valued. What you are worth is priceless, and thoughtful gestures from the heart mean more than trinkets.

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