Horoscope for 18 April 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: You’re not going to be bouncing in and giving everyone kisses, cuddles and lots of hugs. This is a time to deal with other people with a little bit of dignity and restraint. Older people will appreciate your straightforward kindness and concern for their practical needs. Power struggles may be in the air as certain people try to push you into doing what does not suit you. You may not have much say at the moment as you might like.
TAURUS: You will not mind pushing aside frivolities and indulgences to get on with the things that are really important. By the day’s end, you should be able to polish your halo and feel very virtuous indeed. Pluto, the planet of transformation, is prompting you to slowly but steadily change your outlook on life. You may find yourself trying to convert everyone in sight to agree with you, and spreading your ideas to a wider circle of people. First you need to reach the right standpoint yourself.
GEMINI: You will be able to do whatever your conscience tells you without feeling too deprived. There are days when ought takes precedence over want and this is one of them. Your love life may be a bit more restrained but it will bounce back to warmer climes very quickly. You are grappling with fundamental questions at the moment about life, and confidential matters both financial and emotional. You will not find it easy to compromise or co-operate, but you know you cannot find all the answers yourself.
CANCER: The highly practical, realistic influences around today will mean you tackle work projects in a fashion that brings positive results. They’re good for creative tasks as well, because you can turn your dreams into reality make your artistic talents and your imagination work for you. Your feelings are more deeply involved now, your reactions more profound. It can be rather disconcerting as you discover emotions which you normally avoid. This can be a time of great self-understanding and growth, which teaches you about meaningful relationships.
LEO: You want good, solid, stable relationships both at work and at home today. You are not making unrealistic demands of other people and neither are they of you. It will be a good time to discuss almost any problems that come up. You may have strong ideas about how to change one situation at work. Workmates may want to stick to the status quo, so power struggles are almost inevitable. Just don’t push differences of opinion to the bitter end, since that will leave a sour taste.
VIRGO: It will be important to step back from time to time to make up your mind what is that is going to be good for you in the long term, so you will be avoiding any kind of distraction or indeed temptation. Good for diets, good for saving schemes – all the things you usually find slightly dreary. You’ll find your feelings deepen considerably, bringing stronger passions, occasionally jealousy, or even power struggles with loved ones as your need for security demands that they stick close.
LIBRA: If you’re often a little bit frivolous, indulgent and can’t settle down to the chores, this is the time you get real. Or if you are normally gloomy, push aside fun and just do what you have to do, then today you positively blossom with good humour. There may be some confrontations or even minor power struggles within the family. You are trying to change but someone close may not want to let go of the way things were. Be firm but gentle.
SCORPIO: You may be sitting down with loved ones to work out the rules and regulations of the relationship. There needs to be a way of sorting things out so that misunderstandings do not occur in future. With tact, thoughtfulness and good intentions, you should be able to come to a decent conclusion. You could end up seeing everything very intensely. This is OK, but you can end up looking too much at the bleak side of situations and not appreciating the fun.
SAGITTARIUS: The Venus Saturn contact today, will allow you to handle both the light-hearted, frivolous side of your life and the more serious, giving them both equal weight. Maybe you do feel just slightly unappreciated, but you have no intention of letting it show. You are at a point of wanting to transform your personal security, to build your financial situation into something more solid. Nothing will happen quickly but you can slowly put new systems into place. There may be pressures, but you can come out ahead.
CAPRICORN: Your love relationships you could feel a little bit separated, but not in any very strong sense. It’s just a slight coolness in the air, perhaps duty coming before pleasure. But you will be happy to do whatever your immediate situation demands. You are slowly but surely transforming your personality, sense of personal identity and image. This can be one of the most useful influences you ever have though it is not always easy. You do feel quite determined to get to the bottom of one situation now.. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: Venus is now at a flowing angle to Saturn. They’re very different kinds of energies. Venus is lazy, affectionate, indulgent and extravagant while Saturn is the opposite. It works hard and is rather sparing, so it saves money and goes on diets and is very self-disciplined. But get the balance right and your business-like charm will win the day. You will want to spend more time on your own just briefly, since being around too many people will make you feel over loaded.
PISCES: Your coolly sophisticated approach to life means you’ll get more work done, but in an utterly charming way. You will be very diplomatic around situations that require self-discipline. You have that slight sense of reserve that other people sometimes feel is quite attractive. You’ll be finding that what once held your enthusiasm now no longer does so. You really will want to be around movements or groups which hold influence or power out in society.

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