Horoscope for 18 October, 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be confident, enthusiastic and optimistic since you’ll sense that luck is on your side. Indeed with the right attitude and determination you’ll be able to create your own. You will have to navigate gently but firmly through tricky family and close relationships matters. Being confrontational won’t work but you need to stand up for what’s important. Keep your head down in your everyday routines and insist that everyone listens to what you say.

ARIES: There are days when you can see every tiny detail but you lose the broader view. Then there are days when you can see the whole picture, but miss the minutiae. Clearly this is grand planning time not one for counting beans, or checking computer codes. Look to see what glum face around you can make crack into a smile. Though at times you may be feeling sort of betwixt and between, rather day dreamy, or a bit irritable without really knowing why.
TAURUS: You can look ahead and see a really rosy glow on the horizon. Your optimism will be high but you need to check out that it isn’t a mirage. Being a Pollyanna and thinking everything is going to be wonderful, is morale boosting but it is not always helpful. It depends how you handle the influences around now, which way they work out. Turn your determination into making your creative ideas take root then it will work well. Don’t let yourself get side tracked.
GEMINI: Your mind is rattling with ideas which you’ll spout in all directions. There may be no very concrete decisions come out of it all but if you don’t start the process with vigour then you won’t have the right ingredients when it does come to making your firm commitments. Don’t try and cut corners or go round things. Sometimes you can deceive yourself into thinking that it’s just as well to avoid confrontations. Don’t do anything in an even vaguely underhand kind of way.
CANCER: Maybe at the moment you will bite off more than you can chew or promise more than you can deliver. Just cut back what you think you can do for a while. Caution and confidence are good bedfellows. There are very good influences around prompting you to be charitable, selfless, and give of yourself to others. When the mood is there, why not? But your energy will not be limitless so work out a way of being helpful without doing anything too physically strenuous.
LEO: You may go slightly over the top, see things bigger than they actually are. Try to be more unrealistic. Run with your enthusiasm by all means but have a care that you are not expecting miracles. Watch you’re not pulling the wool over your eyes or letting anyone else do that. There are rather deceptive influences around which can end up in muddle or situations not turning out to be quite what was expected. Keeping your feet on the ground is a good idea.
VIRGO: There’s a whiff of something rather over-expansive in the air, which could make you think you can’t be wrong or you think there’s nothing you can’t do. If you can manage not to go over the score, then you will be able to push your fears to one side and say what you have been hiding away. Mars is now in a flowing aspect to Neptune, which is delightful but slightly strange mix of energies. Try to be sensitive to what is unspoken.
LIBRA: You may be right but are you being persuasive? If you can really communicate your sense of vision and uplift companions then all will work well. If you come across as self-righteous they may back away. So think through not just your ideas but your approach before you launch in. Maybe you want to just retreat into peace and quiet, and wind yourself down a little bit. You don’t really feel any huge need to leap out into getting too many things done.
SCORPIO: If you fly too high, you will not be as precise as you might be. You lose the clear touch about details, forget about the small print. You will tend to be racing around at top speed. Try not to fall into the trap of thinking you’re always right and everyone else is always wrong. You certainly want a bit more glamour or fun. There may even be a hint of publicity around. You want to bring a little bit more spice into life.
SAGITTARIUS: You will want to smooth round any rough edges and indeed bounce any down in the mouth mates into better humour. You’re feeling good and lively, so everyone else needs to be the same. Just do it with good humour and sprinkle a few compliments around. There’s nothing worse than a joker when others are feeling gloomy. If you are interested in rather mystical or psychic kind of things, this is a good day to listen to your intuition and explore below the surface.
CAPRICORN: Pushing yourself to think through the practical consequences of your plans seems too much effort. But just think of the effort involved if you have committed yourself to more than you want a little later on. You may not be as active as you normally would be. Certainly you won’t want to confront other people or to be assertive or indeed to face up to the nastier sides of life. You will be going out of your way to soothe and smooth other people. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: If you can stay open-minded then all your working relationships will go with a swing. Don’t over blow your prospects. Just cut back a little. Try to be as straightforward, firm and tactful as you possibly can. This is not the time to take the long way round. Maybe you have been letting other people pull the wool over your eyes. But don’t tell little white lies just to keep the peace. It always comes out into the open in the wrong way.
PISCES: You may be positively prophetic now though in a tiny way, getting a glimpse of a possibility of something to come. But don’t run away with the idea that you can always trust your hunches. Not all of them turn out quite as you expect. This is a great day to pamper your body. You will not want to be leaping into activity at absolutely top speed so use the time wisely for a little tender loving care, and you will bounce back revitalised.

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