Horoscope for 19 April 2016

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be superficially sociable and outgoing as you push old self-doubts to one side and step out boldly. This will make you popular at work and at parties. But in private you may be aware of less support coming from close partners for a while. You’ll be thrown back on your own resources, emotionally . At the end of this time you’ll be stronger, more resilient and better able to cope. Work will be hopeful in the final months.
TAURUS: Where others are concerned at the moment what they get with you is what they see. You will not hide much away, indeed you are priding yourself on being as upfront as possible. Not that you put on any effort or a performance, it is just happening instinctively with your natural effervescence spilling over. You may have a fated feeling about one relationship now. You think, “It’s meant; we were together in another lifetime.” That certainty has a nasty habit of fading after a couple of days.
GEMINI: Not at your most outgoing and sociable, you will be happiest in the quiet backwaters for a few weeks. The influences around today can be good for being charmingly in a business-like way. You know what you want, even if you are not saying, and will use all your wiles to bring companions round to your way of thinking. If you can keep your ulterior motives out of sight, all will work well.
CANCER: You do not want to fly solo or be part of a claustrophobic twosome. The more the merrier as far as you are concerned. You will have a definite need for something more exciting and thrilling today. Maybe you want to exert power over other people by sort of nudging them into doing something that they might not really want to do. You do have to be cautious, because if you could find close companions get a bit resentful. Try to be more laid-back.
LEO: You may be gaining success at work now, though you may think you are not doing well. Somehow you think that others are claiming credit for your achievements. Close friendships will be more important to you than usual. You want to be around people who will boost your self-esteem and make you feel good. A priority is also to feel free to flit around as it suits you without feeling restricted. Watch that long-running relationships don’t go through a slightly tense phase if you have a possessive partner.
VIRGO: Your wandering instincts are making it difficult for you to sit, so you will need more mental stimulation and challenge to hold your attention steady if you are stuck in one place. Because you come across as honest, outgoing, confident and good with words, you will be a popular companion at work and in your leisure activities. There is a need for change in one close partnership, and it could just be a minor adjustment in the way you relate to each other.
LIBRA: If life feels a minor struggle, remember your perseverance will pay off. You will be looking for deeper answers than usual, maybe more passionate connections. You need intense intimate connections in your life with partners who are able to match your emotional depth and yearnings. It may that that you are feeling a little bit stuck where one relationship is concerned, or insecure. It’s just a passing cloud, so be more positive. Looking on the worst side of any situation will always throw up flaws and inadequacies.
SCORPIO: You will find yourself more sensitive to the needs of others and able to help. Just remember to stand firm for your rights. At work just now you much prefer to work in a one-to-one partnership than on your own or with a team. If someone you fancy seems suddenly absolutely fascinating today, watch your step. You could be infatuated. Maybe you know in your heart of hearts they are not really very good for you, but all the same you know they are wonderful.
SAGITTARIUS: You are more practical than usual at the moment, keen to get details in the right place. You are less worried about getting praise, than in being helpful and being of service. There is an old saying about treating loved ones like birds which are allowed to fly free. If you cage them they will one day escape, but if you trust enough to let them do what they want, they will more readily come back. The message is that clinging doesn’t work in the long run.
CAPRICORN: Maybe a tiny bit of you at the moment wants to be in love with life. In some ways you feel like a child at heart – spontaneous, colourful and unselfconscious when it comes to enjoying yourself. You will be wearing your heart on your sleeve, and very upfront about what or whom you fancy. As long as you don’t play too many games today, you should manage to twist other people round your little finger. Tread warily or close companions may end up feeling controlled or used. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: Talking to your nearest and dearest will help you sort out any family muddles or tensions which have been swept under the carpet recently because there was no time to address them. More sensitive and private than usual, you tend to retreat into your shell and put up defensive barriers against the outside world. Try not to be too intense. Sometimes that makes you feel more passionate, sometimes everything gets a bit gritty and you struggle to break free. Don’t over react to the odd stress and strain.
PISCES: Restless and versatile, you seem to know a little about a good many subjects at the moment. Maybe you are scattering your attention in too many directions at once, or across too wide a field. Venus is now at a tricky angle to Pluto. If you get the better end of this influence, you can be extremely seductive or persuasive. But you have to watch a little bit that you don’t suddenly clutch at people or make it obvious that you have a hidden agenda up your sleeve.