Horoscope for 19th May: Is today your Lucky day?


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES:You will be on the edge of your seat today at one point, if you’re sitting down at all. Ideas are bubbling out all over the place, but you can’t quite think what to follow up first. You will be leaping from subject to subject at high speed. Try to think out a plan before you start. Get your priorities straight. Close relationships may be slightly more difficult now as you can’t find it in yourself to compromise as you once did.
TAURUS:There is a good deal of fun and perhaps new people around, but your boredom threshold will be low so you will need constant stimulation. Just don’t speak before you think. Unexpected events seemingly out of your control are bringing you valuable lessons. What you have to do is not feel resentful, or blame other people or the world for the position in which you find yourself. Observe, be aware, and begin to see the benefits and silver linings which come with situations which can ordinarily seem unfortunate.
GEMINI:If you get odd responses from companions, it may be they are lagging behind you because they don’t quite understand where your mind is going. You are not following a set path, but zipping around like a firefly. Make sure you pick people who are on the ball and able to keep up with your rather oddball ideas. If you want utter loyalty and security, then you need to find different kinds of people, but you would find that boredom set in fairly quickly.
CANCER:Try to think about the consequences of what you’re saying. It can make you feel better to blurt out the truth, but often it causes more problems than it’s worth. You are independent and completely unswayed by traditional outlooks. You have your own slant on the truth, and will speak your mind no matter the consequences. You could have all sorts of half-baked plans which sound absolutely marvellous initially. Don’t get so carried away with your enthusiasm that you end up in a situation which you later regret.
LEO:This is the kind of day when you seem to get bolts from the blue. Inspirations will be zipping out every ten seconds. Try to write the answers and solutions down that you find, because otherwise you’ll forget. You will be sharp witted and absent minded at the same time. Your emotions are also on a roller coaster ride and you definitely want constant change in your intimate relationships. The ups and downs of your moods may confuse partners who had got used to the old ways
VIRGO:The Sun in the heavens is now close to Venus, and this puts the focus on how you express yourself. Venus was, after all, the goddess of love and parties, and affection, so this means that you want a good deal of attention, and indeed you’re very seductive at the moment. Even if you can’t travel instantly to exotic places with loved ones, you can always dream and plan. Your heart is definitely yearning for sun, far blue horizons and paradise beaches
LIBRA:Sympathy may not be your strong point today. Try not be too be clinical. You may be right, but the unvarnished truth is not always palatable especially for those on the receiving end. Stale partnerships need a blast of fresh air blown through them. If they can’t stand the draught then maybe they are not worth hanging onto. Don’t be afraid of what is changing now. What is important is to see the possibilities for more mature connections in the days ahead.
SCORPIO:Mercury, a rather fast-moving, fast-talking influence, is close to Uranus which is positively hyper-speed, so your wits will be in overdrive. It should be a stimulating day but also highly strung. Patience will not be your long suit, so pause before you speak too sharply. Routines will bore you and anything that is the way it has always been will make you droop. A more experimental approach is needed. This is not a time for team efforts or forcing yourself to be too co-operative.
SAGITTARIUS:Your constant go-go-go means you can scatter your energy too widely and spread yourself too thinly. If you cut corners, and don’t stop to double-check things then you’ll end up being sloppy. The old social activities which used to hold your attention now seem a minor drag. You are wanting to open up new paths, trying to adopt a whole new way of expressing yourself in your off duty hours. Excitement means more than being seen in the best places.
CAPRICORN:Anything new will excite you today. Your mind is going to be alive with ideas, all chasing themselves round. You have to watch you don’t get a little bit keyed up. Maybe you are feeling just a touch insecure as you sense that what you have hung onto as a mooring in the past is now disappearing. There may be changes at home or within the family which are causing you to question a good many of your old beliefs. But this is not necessarily bad scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS:This is not a time to be bored, not a time to be around tedious people. If you are, you’ll get very impatient and frustrated. You may sound sharp to certain think skinned companions. It’s not that you’re malicious or unkind, but you just can come out with very direct comments that do not always go down well. Trying to keep your wits together is never easy when Uranus is around stirring up a good deal of activity in your everyday routine.

PISCES:If you want to take up new studies or pick up information in a great hurry then you will succeed better than you expected today. Your courage will not be in short supply, but you may not be entirely realistic. You know you need a budget system at the moment which can cope with an uneven flow of money. Nothing seems to stay the same way for long. If you can seek out different ways of handling your money, you will fare better.